Valentine’s Day reflection

15 February, 2019 12:00 AM printer

The Valentine’s Day on February 14 is celebrated as the day of love across the world. However, in our parts of the world, the day is of particular interest to the youth and exclusively limited to the narrow boundary of romantic affairs; whereas love is universal and has no age limit. That means the appeal of the day should transcend romantic barriers, and any kind of loving relationship, weather between two individuals, friends, parents and children, siblings, relatives and neighbours, should be celebrated with equal zeal and zest.

Though many in our society still frown upon the idea of celebrating Valentine’s Day, we think the day holds great significance because it highlights the importance of love in our life. Simply put, love is the most important thing in our life. We are born out of love and we cannot survive without love. Many commit suicide just thinking that no one loves them. There is so much violence, rape and other forms of wrong-doings in our society because there is lack of mutual love among human beings. We do harm to the Mother Nature because we do not feel for it. We kill other species of the animal kingdom because we do not feel their pain. In one word, if we truly love someone or something, we cannot make them suffer in any way.

So, we have every reason to treasure love for our family, friends, fellow human beings, and treat all of them well. Too often we overlook contribution and sacrifice of family, friends or complete strangers for our personal growth or happiness, and seldom do we express gratitude, let alone expressing our feeling of love for them. The Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to reveal our concentrated expression of love. This feeling should be expressed more often, rather than once in a year, to tighten the bond of relationship which is the key to happiness.