Jamaat: Name change far from enough

15 February, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Change of the bottle is of little significance for the countrymen so long its content remains the same. This is how we view the likely change in the name of Jamaat-e-Islami – the Bangladesh chapter of a Pakistani theocratic political party – without any change in its ideology.

It was gathered from the lead story of this daily yesterday that Jamaat has decided to change its name without any change in its ideology to, according to media reports, create a perception among the people that it is not the party of the war criminals. If that is the actual objective of changing the name, Jamaat obviously considers people of the country stupid enough to be misled by any superficial change of the theocratic organisation, still in allegiance with its Pakistani masters.

To deal with the issue at hand, let us first examine Jamaat’s ideology. Jamaat claims believing in Islam and has attached the name of the holy religion with the name of its organisation. Do Jamaatists really believe in Islam? If so, why did they kill hundreds of thousands of innocent freedom-loving people and our intellectuals, and raped our women? Where in Islam are the provisions that allow you to commit such horrendous atrocities? There is no semblance of Islam in your ideology and activities. You use the name just to mislead people.

About other elements of your so-called ideology: Your opposed the emergence of Bangladesh as an independent country and worked hand in glove with Pakistani occupation forces to drown our struggle for independence in blood. Then what right you have to live in Bangladesh and conduct political activities in Bangladesh? To do so, you first need to be repentant for your atrocities during the Liberation War and seek apology from the people in unequivocal terms; you must recognise that Pakistan oppressed and exploited us and therefore it was right for the people of Bangladesh to rise in arms to establish their own country.

Are you ready to bring these changes in your political ideology? You are still loyal to your Pakistani masters and are engaged in implementing Pakistani design regarding Bangladesh. You must sever all sorts of ties with Pakistan and demonstrate the same through actions; and most importantly, you must be loyal to Bangladesh Constitution. Without these indispensable changes, the mere change in the name of your organisation will not give you the right to do politics in this country.