N Zealand food prices rise

15 February, 2019 12:00 AM printer

WELLINGTON: New Zealand food prices rose 1 percent in January 2019 compared with December 2018, New Zealand statistics department Stats NZ said on Thursday.

Food prices were up 0.8 percent in the year to January 2019, mainly driven by higher prices for ready-to-eat food, milk, cheese and eggs and restaurant meals, partly offset by lower fruit prices, which was down 5.8 percent, statistics showed, reports Xinhua.

Broccoli prices more than doubled in January 2019, while lettuce prices rose almost 80 percent. The average price of a 350g head of broccoli was 2.76 NZ dollars (1.88 U.S. dollars) in January, up from a near seven-year low of 1.25 NZ dollars in December.