Spirit, Soul, Mind And Body: The Metaphysics Of Human Life

Abdullah Al Moinee

14 February, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Spirit, Soul, Mind And Body: The Metaphysics Of Human Life

Exigency of eternal essence navigates the nature of life by means of an integral inherence. Integration of spirit, soul, mind, and body designs the metaphysics of human life aiming towards the core of singularity. The singularity sustains the harmony of the human spirit (pneuma) perceiving the spiritual insight. The instinctive insight is capable of creating a congruence, consisting of the sustenance of sixth sense. The sensible sustenance of spirit connects conscientiously with the soul (psyche) for natural navigation through imagination and conscience possessing a peer personality. The soul consists of the conscious, subconscious, and unconscious realms modeling the manuscript of mind where emotional intelligence, logical reasoning, and pivotal psychology activate the dimension. Spirit, soul, and mind are ordained unitedly to be centered on which a divine circle is drawn and the circumference is the body (soma) of the human being.

Human life is a process of perpetual eternity. The first day of a fetus reflects the presence of the spirit in the womb. The birth paves the way of the soul to sail towards the shore of life. The mind catalyzes the brain of the body to map the way out. Time is going on incessantly at every single moment of life. The body is blessed and utilized for a certain period through the infinite voyage of spirit. The spiritual simplicity meets during the day of death when the mind merges with the soul returning to be superposed on the singularity of spirit. Spirit is the dimension of life which deals with the spiritual realm and excellence of eternal aspects. The aspects are to be reminisced and trusted by the philosophy of soul and mind. Soul sustains and nurtures the mind which deals with the psychological premises. The philosophy and psychology together work for the body to drive the physical phenomena.

Human being is a spirit who possesses a soul and lives in a body. Spirit is the element that represents the essence of the universe and nature coherently which is an incorporeal but ubiquitous, non-quantifiable substance, or energy, sustained individually by all living things. According to the theology and science, it sustains the eternal energy to lighten the soul, mediate the mind, and bless the body to breathe. In this sense, one’s spirit is the reason for which the body is alive. The primary basis of spiritual belief is originated from the tenacity that the spirits connect to form a greater unity, oneness along with a quotient greater than its elements, towards an ultimate, unified, non-dual awareness, and a single presence, lightening each pathway of consciousness for soul and life. The spirit is the inner intuition which unconditionally illuminates the labyrinth of life irrespective of the earthly entities.

When the spirit breathes into the air, the body becomes a living soul. The inborn intelligence of life is reflected by the synergy of the soul. The soul is the intellect that human nurtures numinously and sustains with psychological philosophy. Sense, sensibilities, wish and will are dealt in this dimension. The soul, in many religious, philosophical, and mythological traditions, is the integral essence of a living being. The mental abilities of a living being - reason, character, feeling, consciousness, memory, perception, thoughts - are the functions of the soul.

Meanwhile the mind is a designed program based on an individual’s language of the soul, the direction of the spirit which is fueled by the force of works done by the individual. Thus, mind denotes a set of cognitive perception, judgment, language, and memory, an entity of thoughts and consciousness. The power of infinite imagination and radical recognition are functioned by the mind and catalyzed by the soul. The meditative manifestation motivates the mind to connect to the soul and spirit simultaneously that create the conscientious cognition and courageous congruence for gleaning and growing the positive energy and keen knowledge. The conscious mind is the realm where our tenacious thinking and logical reasoning are processed. The sub-conscious mind is the inner kingdom where the deep touch of perception penetrates through the spirit. The fundamental force emerged by the two realms generates the ability to differentiate between the right and the wrong.

In short, according to the scripture, the spirit has a purpose regarding the life given in this earth. The purpose resonates every present moment of mindfulness. The integration of every moment one inhales and exhales to exist will make the future by default according to the step one takes in, whether it is positive or else. However in search of spiritual life, one needs to nurture and sustain the essences necessary for own existence.