Address widespread garbage pollution

11 February, 2019 12:00 AM printer

It is deplorable that garbage tanks with wastes scattered around are kept on busy roads, at intersections, lanes and by-lanes in this overcrowded city. This unhealthy practice of the authorities designated to oversee the waste management continues to inflict intolerable public nuisance on city dwellers. Commuters and passersby have to cover their noses while passing the roads and other places where the garbage tanks are kept while residents nearby are literally forced to live in the bad smell.

There is no doubt that the open waste disposal tanks here and there are a constant blot on the city's landscape. These play roles to demean the value of Dhaka as a capital city. Wrong placement of garbage containers on roads and the movement of waste-carrying vehicles to and from them contribute to sufferings of people.

Some of the tanks are placed near areas where a large number of people gather, including residential areas, educational institutions, kitchen markets and important road intersections. These garbage containers and haphazard throwing of garbage in and around them, literally, constitute small environment-polluting units in the city with the all associated threats to public health.

We can fairly conclude that the wrong placement of garbage containers is not based on a well thought out plan. Rather, this represents a widespread failure of the city authorities in waste management. Due to lack of proper management, people throw all wastes, including hospital and electronic wastes, in these garbage tanks. In many cases, these waste containers overflow and spread pollution on a large scale.

The waste disposal tanks are breeding grounds for mosquitoes and germs. Though the waste collection time is from midnight to 6:00am, city corporations often collect wastes at daytime and mostly in irregular intervals from the garbage tanks and thereby affect most of the city people. The city dwellers remain exposed to air, water and mosquito-borne diseases due to this inappropriate waste management.

Though many countries produce electricity and other valuable assets through recycling of wastes, we have failed even to replicate them. The lack of proper management and dumping process has made wastes a big burden for the country. There is no alternative to adopting technologies for coping with the increasing amount of wastes.