Pahela Falgun: Styling It Right

Nusrat Jahan Pritom

4 February, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Pahela Falgun: Styling It Right

13th February is going to be a special day for every Bangladeshi. We know, we know- it’s just the day before Valentine’s Day and, therefore, probably has some significance in relation to that day. However, this day has a whole lot meaning on its own for us all, regardless of age, gender, religion and background. Even the excitements of Valentine’s Day cannot wipe away these sentiments. Pahela Falgun or the first day of spring is a day that is bound to put a smile on everyone’s faces. With the birds singing, flowers blooming and all of us dressed in bright attires, Pahela Falgun has to be the sweetest day in the Bengali calendar.

To celebrate this sweet and special day, make your fashion one that you will remember lifelong. Working with one colour every year might be challenging. However, when you blend your favourite spring vibes with another colour such as red- you easily can create a style that’s enduring and enchanting. If the red and yellow combination is too bold for you, you could opt for white and yellow. Guys can opt for the evergreen yellow punjabi with white payjama. You could even completely abandon the yellow look and go for something more neutral but make sure it has local motifs on it to give it the Falgun swag.

Just bright clothes are not enough. We, women, have to be dressed impeccably from head to toe with our makeup on point and our floral embellishments in perfect discipline. Normally, women love to wear floral garlands on their hair but occasionally we would find the unique ones with floral bracelets, floral anklets and so on. A grand idea would be to keep a theme of your attire and floral decoration. While we all innately love flowers, it would be ridiculous to put on every flower in the garden on your head. Remember, the quintessential idea is to keep it classy, not messy.

With all that said, make sure your makeup and accessories complement your look. For those wearing red and yellow sari with red floral decorations, red lipstick and dark eyes is the best pick. For the rest, you could feel free with any makeover. As for the accessories, it doesn’t need to be something exceptionally gorgeous. In fact, the simpler you keep it, the better.

Photo: Rang Bangladesh