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Smart card in banking

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4 February, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Smart card in banking

Kona Software Dhaka office of Korean smart card manufacturer KONA, is working relentlessly to further upgrade operating systems and applications required for smart cards, used in the banking sector.

KONA has already delivered smart cards to over 30 Banks in Bangladesh while it has delivered smart card products to more than 500 Banks in 90 countries worldwide.

In an effort to leverage the growing digital payment system in Bangladesh, the Korean company is aiming to expand its footsteps in the local marker.

At present, there are around 13.5 million Debit cards and 1.1 million Credit cards in Bangladesh, according to Bangladesh Bank data.

Kona is going to develop platform that can be used not only on smart phones but also on feature phones according to the telecommunication market situation in Bangladesh.