DO You Know?

31 January, 2019 12:00 AM printer

•    The oldest chair is almost 5000 years old. The Egyptians had some sort of ceremonial chairs used only during big events and celebrations and those furniture items were dated almost 5000 years old. Obviously, the only ones lucky enough to sit on those ancient chairs were the pharaohs and other important people.

•    The word “chair” comes from a Latin word. The word “cathedra” in Latin means something like “sit” and “down”. The today’s word “chair” was derived from the Latin word “cathedra” and it is widely used nowadays in order to describe a piece of furniture used by everyone to actually “sit down”.

•    You will never find chairs in Bible. The word “chair” is not mentioned a single time in the Bible. However, Shakespeare mentioned something about chairs eight times in the Henry VI, Part 3.

•    The electric chair was invented in 1889. Thomas Edison, the genius who gave us the lighting bulb we still use today, invented the electric chair back in 1889. The purpose of this invention was to present the dangers associated with electric current.

  •           The office chair was actually invented by Charles Darwin. In the 1800s, Charles Darwin had the brilliant idea to add a couple of wheels to his preferred chair in the laboratory in order to move freely and have access to his tools and papers easier. This was basically the earliest office chair ever created.