Tuesday, 25 January, 2022

Babu lends voice to new song

Babu lends voice to new song

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Apart from making it big in his acting career, Fazlur Rahman Babu is also excelling in singing, and presenting some good songs to the music lovers. Recently, the talented actor has lent his voice to a new song titled, “Khopa Kore Chul Bendhona”.

The song has just been released on the Youtube channel of Lionic Multimedia. The lyric of the song has been written by Plabon Koreshi while S K Shomir has composed its tune and arranged its music.  Shagor Ahmed and Nisha have modeled in the music video of the song, which has been directed by Mohon Ahmed. 

Talking about the song, Babu said, ‘Basically I am an actor, but many want me to lend my voice to their songs. And I also enjoy it. I hope the audience will welcome this song.”

Apart from the very song, Babu has also released a few more audio and video songs in the recent time and did some playback songs.