Science kit ‘BigganBaksho’ | 2019-01-28

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Science kit ‘BigganBaksho’

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28 January, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Science kit ‘BigganBaksho’

Onnorokom BigganBaksho, a specialized science kit has vibrated the Dhaka International Trade Fair (DITF) for third consecutive term as a major attraction to the children.

OBB is first ever a science kit in Bangladesh which is unique item from OnnoRokom Electronics which helps young learners to experience the complex experiments easily.

In a press note, the developer firm claimed the learning tool is designed following the academic text so that students can go through the hard topic of science.

There are six sets of OBB describing over 200 experiments highlighting on issues of light, magnet, electronics, chemistry, measurement and sounds.

The Onnorokom BigganBaksho is available at PS 13/A stall at the trade which can get easily by entering from second gate of expo area. Details are available on internet at