Education system responsible for question leak

27 January, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Education system responsible for question leak

Question leak has become a social malady in our country. Since previous few years, it has become problematic. Once leaked, it quickly becomes common among the students and guardians not to conform to the moral standard in education. The education ministry is struggling to stop this question leak. Many strategies have been devised meticulously but all in vain. Then where lies the problem actually?

In the previous year, many incidents of question leak were recorded. It ranged from primary to tertiary level of education. If questions keep leaking year after year, what will students learn from educational institutions and how can they contribute to the development of our country? The pillar that the country stands upon - the education system - will be broken down gradually.

Present scenario of question leaks in the public exams is disheartening. Few months ago, for instance, Dhaka University authorities had to retake admission exam of ‘D-unit’ because of leaked test question papers in social media. Furthermore, it was astounding that some students of Dhaka University were also involved in leaking questions. It is believed that Dhaka University is the highest echelon of knowledge and excellence, so how could they get involved in these leaks!

Sometimes it is seen that parents help students procure leaked questions the day before the exam. Is it a right way of teaching children values and ethics? What will they learn from this practice? Anyway, I have had a good experience of avoiding the persuasions of leaked questions and the way my father helped me in doing so is praiseworthy. When I was in primary school, I saw everyone carrying torn pages of textbooks, especially for Bangla and English exams. Poems were torn and kept aside in the pocket. I hardly ever followed their way of copying. The main reason behind this was my father, a discreet person saying, “Baba, better you might fail in the exam rather than copy in the exam hall.” This was my inspiration and ever since my childhood, I have been bearing his words in my heart. When I was the examinee of HSC exam, one of friends proposed to me to take a peek at the leaked question of English 1st paper. He insisted on my taking at least one glance at the question but I didn't. It was because my spirit was firm by the inspiration gained in childhood from my father.

Wild alacrity of getting highest grade in exams is the main reason that makes them adopt illegal and unethical means. The guardians are more eager for their son’s improved grades by any means than their moral education. People value higher grade more than knowledge and education that the students learn from lessons. Besides, the universities also facilitate students having excellent grades rather than their practical potentials. Even during the admission tests, the applicants having higher grades have more points in their hands than others. So problems get created and questions are leaked due to such a system.

The problem is in our educational system which makes ethical values useless. What kind of values will the student learn when the teacher forces students to take private coaching. Where are the ethical values of the teachers when students are given less marks in the exams for not going to the coaching administered by the teachers? Traditional method of teaching does not improve the quality of the students. The way books are designed may not be enough.

It's unbelievable when a university student cannot communicate in English language properly although s/he learned it for many years. Thus, it proves that the students have not been able to comprehend the purpose of learning a language or the system is unable to make them understand about the significance of learning a language. The purpose of a language is to communicate with others. But our education system focuses on only the grammatical part, not on practical application. We are accustomed to cramming the rules of the grammar whereas our focus should be on listening, understanding, speaking and writing rather than just reading, memorising and writing.

Our systems of education should be overhauled with a view to changing the minds of all stakeholders. Ethical education must be prioritised because ethical values have become slack among most individuals in all walks of life. The education ministry must adopt policies that motivate students and guardians to pursue education and change the trend of seeking high grades without garnering practical knowledge of subject matter.


Kirtton Chandro Das, The writer is a Masters student of Department of Women and Gender Studies at University of Dhaka