National unity a must for growth

27 January, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Such a colossal thing as socio-economic development of the whole country can never be achieved through the isolated performance of any individual or group; it can only be gained through united efforts all in a harmonious manner. Disunity and discordant efforts are completely undesirable and unacceptable in such an enormous affair. To achieve the lofty objective of national development we need to close our ranks and consolidate unity.

Bangladesh, like the mythological phoenix, rose from the ruins of war and took almost four decades to gain the initial momentum much needed for advancing in big strides in the days to come. The country has already proved its mettle through the development efforts during the last decade and is ready to leap forward to consolidate the gains and, based on them, to gain even higher growth rate, with the ultimate objective of the developed country status within a foreseeable future.

At this critical juncture of our history, what we are in dire need of is national unity on major issues of development. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina called exactly for such a unity while addressing the nation Friday evening.

Our political forces are sharply divided over major issues relating to election and governance but such differences must not stand in the way of forging unity on national question, because national development comprises all in society and serves their common interests. Stakeholders should therefore be able to set aside their petty differences at least for a while and join hands for united growth and collective benefit. Time is running fast and we must not miss the bus.

The burning issues that have befallen the nation now are harnessing still untapped resources, achieving growth targets within stipulated timeframe, generating adequate employment opportunities for rising number of youths, eradicating poverty from the face of society as well curbing corruption and defeating drug menace and militancy. Sending the Rohingyas back to their country is another issue of immediate urgency. Is there any quarter that does not want to gain these? Then why solid national unity should still remain a chimera? 

We ask all stakeholders to put their heads together, sort out issues and forge unity on an urgent basis.