Shahazada Basunia Comes Up With Two New Books | 2019-01-24


Shahazada Basunia Comes Up With Two New Books

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24 January, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Shahazada Basunia Comes Up With Two New Books

Promising novelist Shahazada Basunia is coming up with two new books for this year’s ‘Ekushey Book Fair’. The books have been titled as A Cruel Father and The Credit Cards. Both the books are fresh works of fiction that are centered on common people with uncommon stories. Shahazada had already released many books in the past for which he has earned himself a notable reputation in the writer’s community. For this reason, many people are anticipating for his next books. Here is a short preview on both of them.

The book A Cruel Father already stands out from the rest for its rather unique name. Your attention will be immediately grasped into the book from a mere sight of its title. We all know of fathers who are benevolent and caring. But a cruel father is unlike any other fathers we can think of. Sadly, this is more or less the story of many young men born into poverty. The father in this novel is a hopeless gambler who loses everything to his greed, including love for his family. Readers will begin the story reading about the bitter relationship between father and son where the father had left his son many years back. As the son grows up, he resolves to stay with his father. Even then, instead of embracing his son, the father gives him a condition. He wants money in return from the son’s step sister and promises to set up a business with this money. However, not so unpredictably, the father again loses the entire amount in gambling. The readers are forced to wonder what would happen to the father and son pair as the story develops deeper.

On the other hand, The Credit Cards is a social novel on a conflict of reaching a goal of marriage between two different castes. As you can guess, it’s a love story unlike any other. Well, not entirely. Most love stories revolve around some kind of obstacle presented to the lovers. In this book it is the same. Social barriers fall in their way. According to the norms of their society, a Hindu woman cannot marry a Muslim man. But, as they say, love is blind. Eventually, the woman gets pregnant. Facing social taboos and other pressures, she decides to elope with a man named Bitul Dev. Bitul is very kind to her and helps her in every way possible. You have to read the story to understand whether the girl realizes Bitul’s love or whether she chooses to selfishly take advantage of Bitul. It’s perhaps on this note where this novel’s plot tangents from other plots. Even in books such as Romeo and Juliet, we find stories of love where two people commit to die for each other. In this book, however, one person does die but even death does not grant love.

Something remarkable about both the works is the nature of the protagonists. In A Cruel Father, the son is ready to get back and even give money to the cruel father who had once abandoned him. In the other book, Bitul Dev who is not even termed as the main hero of the story, loves the girl unconditionally, despite knowing about her pregnancy and her affair with the Muslim man. Kudos to the writer for writing something so different. It does pique our curiosity. One thing that could have been better is the usage of words. The sentences could surely have been smoother without those slight grammatical errors and perhaps with a better application of diction. Nonetheless, the stories are extremely well written with plots very unique and enjoyable.