p Walton offers 12 yrs guarantee for compressors | 2019-01-21

Walton offers 12 yrs guarantee for compressors

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21 January, 2019 12:00 AM printer

The country's electronics giant 'Walton' has recently increased the guaranty period of its' fridge' compressors to 12 years from 10 years.

The guaranty facility will be effective from Sunday for the customers of Walton fridges all over the country.

Walton authorities came up with the announcement in a programme at its conference room of corporate office in the capital on Saturday.

Over 100 engineers of this plant received higher trainings from Europe and then they are producing 'Made in Bangladesh' world class compressors, along with various sorts of necessary parts and components, the officials said.

"Now, Walton is planning of exporting compressors to the overseas fridge manufacturers. Already, a good amount of spare parts that are produced in Walton Compressor Manufacturing Plant has been exported to Europe," they noted.

At the event, speakers said that the long-term performance of fridges largely depend on the quality of its compressors. The compressors will provide long-time service when its system function and accuracy will be ensured, mentioning it they said that thus Walton has brought more perfection in the cooling and accuracy system in its compressors. HFC-free globally recognised environment-friendly R600a refrigerants have been used in the compressors of Walton fridges. The compressors used in Walton refrigerators will provide services more than the guaranteed period, if the customers follow the user guidelines properly, speakers said.