Technology improves service sectors

Maruf Billah

21 January, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Technology improves service sectors

The days when communication was limited to traditional mediums, the process to reach people was lengthy and complex.

Technology has proven to be a catalyst in this scenario and has really contributed in making improvements in how people communicate, professionals work and students study.

Where basic devices like smart phones, laptops and tabs on one hand have made communication faster, artificial intelligence enabled tools on the other hand are raising the bar in terms of utility that they serve to the end users.

Technology has become indispensable for each one of us so much so that being able to survive a day without it is beyond imagination. We have grown addictive to the usage of these tools and these products that automate processes for us.

These products enable better deliveries and enhance the existing methodologies which drive better output across various industries. We bring to you certain examples that will intricately highlight the deeper impact technology have had over the lives of masses.

Case 1

The concept of distance learning, prevailing around the globe at present, has opened doors in the education sector for students that once had limited access to education from the elementary until the higher level.

With core mission of teaching and research, University of Michigan has always been dedicated to build a border across the classroom via video conferencing, which will become a hub of people from different countries with diversified cultures. The university has been able to expand its teaching paradigm in classrooms, research and diverse meeting environments among students and faculty with Logitech video collaboration, a combination of A/V quality, reliability and flexibility. The products are aimed at providing permanent solutions to users.

Case 2

The University of West Bengal was dealing with crisis that affected majority of students. There was lack of qualified teachers in remote areas which consequently resulted in lack of training of students.

As per West Bengal Electronics Industry Development Corporation Limited (WEBEL) requirements, the solution should be reliable, user-friendly and affordable.

Another education related challenge that virtual classroom solution solves is affordability, user-friendliness and compatibility with all software platforms. Virtual classrooms are the next big thing in the arena of education and despite being so productive and result oriented in nature, there has been an under-utilization of this spectacular source of mass learning.

However Logitech video conferencing has addressed the concern and has aligned the delivery with the unprecedented utility of its solutions. The solution has been implanted in 24 out of 26 universities in West Bengal so far.

Case 3

With “Doctor-in-a-Box,” Start Tele-Health has brought a unique and resourceful initiative in the health arena. Start Tele-Health has designed a “Virtual Hospital” in collaboration with Logitech that performs the function of healthcare for people belonging to the remotest areas of the country.

The use of “Doctor-in-a-Box” not only serves the purpose of doctor-patient consultation, but enables a virtual doctor to scrutinize his patient by moving the camera around the ward with an iPad.

This technology is aiming to provide healthcare in the form of consultation and diagnosis to the patients. This unique way of improving the healthcare industry is a milestone in its own way. This is useful both for internal communication purposes and external usage as well.

Case 4 

With over 1000 branch offices around the globe, Schindler faced challenges in managing a wide workforce. The world’s leading elevators provider was looking for an economical and easy solution. The brand envisioned an automated and faster way to reach its internal workforce.

The wanted to become cost effective and hence wanted to explore an economical way of reaching the global workforce in lesser time.  After evaluation, Schindler opted for Logitech Group and Logitech CONNECT for this purpose.

The products by Logitech are being used in multiple departments, for instance, top managements use it to carry out business reviews, and sales teams conduct sales review. That’s not the end, the support teams of knowledge-sharing and training & HR are benefitted by the products through initiating interviews.


Maruf Billah is a technology writer. He can be reached over email at [email protected]