Wear Beanie Like A Celeb | 2019-01-21


Wear Beanie Like A Celeb

Nusrat Jahan Pritom

21 January, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Wear Beanie Like A Celeb

Beanie is one of those expectation vs. reality fashion staples. Our expectation is to wear beanie hats like a star, with gorgeous makeup and perfectly set hair. However, reality is very different.

Finding the perfect-sized beanie is actually a challenge. We would usually have one that’s too tight and start to rocket off our heads! The oversized ones are nightmares. They cloud over our eyes. Last but not least, there are those subtly challenging ones. You don’t notice anything wrong with them until it’s too late. This is what happens to most of us. We feel very beautiful and confident in our beanies, walking out of the house, only to catch a glimpse of us looking silly in the car mirror or some other reflection. Beanies can be challenging but they are actually quite fun and trendy. If you spend a winter without wearing a beanie, it’s like having your entire winter season wasted. Beanie hats are like badminton for us. We wait a whole year for this one thing and when it’s here, we want to totally rock the look. Here are some ways you can wear beanie hats and look like a celeb! We assure you that it won’t look silly. In fact, you will have all eyes on you for all the right reasons.


Wear it like the French

This is for those who want to look cool but also want an element of ‘ooh-la-la’. The French are known for their romanticism and it is no different in fashion. Wearing beanie in the French way means having a good sway. It should fit on your head but should not constrict it, something like the leaning tower of Pisa. If it’s there and looks like it is about to fall and doesn’t fall- that, my friend, is the French style. Luckily there are some beanies created just for that. They look like the French beret and hold head in that way but are actually more of a beanie. Choose a scintillating colour such as red or neon pink to look lively.


Wear it like the Hollywood celebs

This is by far the most famous one. If the American celebs are doing it, you should too! This beanie style has lavish layers of clothing to create an up-beat street fashion. And then they add the beanie. The key here is to not treat your beanie as an add-on (even if you are just wearing one outdoors). In fact, you can practically piece an entire look together around a simple beanie. Add beautiful curls to your hair for a perfect look.


Wear it with a K-pop swag

The K-pop swag is for the colour lovers. You can wear this style with street fashion or even (Kawaii) dresses. It’s actually very easy. Simply put on a Pikachu or cute emoji T-shirt, leggings or shorts and a denim jacket. The beanie can be a hat shaped one with a ribbon or two to complete its prettiness. It would also look good with trench coats and boots.