Rocking A Look With Boots

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21 January, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Rocking A Look With Boots

Boots demand attention and it demands a lot of it! It’s one of the most rocking accessories out there. Unfortunately, it’s kind of underrated. That’s sad because boots not only look extremely chic; they also provide comfort in the winter season. A lot of women opt out from wearing boots because they think it’s too manly or perhaps because they are unsure of how to carry themselves in it. Boots can be paradoxically rocking and feminine at the same time. It all depends on how you style it. We dive into the roots of boots to help you get a few ideas on how you could wear these:


Cowboy Boots For The Wild       

Cowboy boots have left fashion scene long ago but a few wild-hearted girls and guys still select it over other shoes and that’s not all. They look completely amazing in these! Add some cool ensembles (jeans, oversized jackets, shirts and so on) to make these boots perform well in a trendy street style.


Gorgeous Animal Prints

While wearing animal prints, let’s also make sure no animals are hurt! It’s fun to mimic beautiful animals but it’s never right to kill them for our fashion or luxury. With that said, animal prints are so hypnotic! My personal favourite are leopard prints. However, when the print is on the shoes and not the attire, the look becomes even more mesmerizing. Opt for a cute black dress with leopard printed boots. Keep the dress knee length or pair it with black tights with laces. Don’t forget to put on red lipstick!


Victorian Lace Up For The Pretty Ones

This boot shape tends to elongate the legs, depending on how high your lace-ups travel up the leg. Their vintage appeal is a fun way to mix modern pieces. You could wear this boots with distressed denim or with something more old school. Try a monochromatic look with the Victorian Lace up boots and you are fit for every journey.


High Shine For The Rocking Divas

Gold and silver boot with a metallic finish - this makes the most impactful statement of all! They'll help you make a flash when you step onto the street or in fact anywhere! Sometimes, the outfit revolves around the shoe, and when it comes to high shine boots, that is the case. You don’t even need to think hard for this style. A simple t-shirt and jeans along with a locket would be enough. Opt for high heeled ones to get even sassier with this look.