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Contact Lens: The User’s Manual

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21 January, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Contact Lens: 
The User’s Manual

Whether you have myopia or hyperopia, contact lenses are probably a friend for you more than often, especially during auspicious occasions such as wedding invitations. Even if you do not have any eyesight problems, you still probably love coloured contacts.

Besides dying our hair, changing our wardrobe and altering our hairstyles, coloured contact lenses are a gorgeous way to change our appearance. Think of blue contact lenses with black kajol and red lips. The very presence of blue eyes drastically changes appearance. Besides blue, green, brown and hazel are also popular. Many makeup artists do their makeovers keeping coloured eye lenses in mind. Before you hurry to store to get your own one, get to know the proper way to wearing contact lenses.


Step 1

First take your contact, and rinse it with saline. Make sure all of it gets off. Ensure your hands are clean and dry, and start with your right eye. Take your pointer and middle finger of your left hand and pull up your upper lid, grab onto your eyelashes gently. If you have mascara on, then pull the skin above your eye gently (near your eyebrow, yes, that far up). Take your middle finger and gently pull down from your lower lash line. With your pointer finger, wash it off quickly with water, and do not dry it.


Step 2

Take the contact and place it on your finger. Picking up your contact with the small pliers that come with a contact case is recommended. Once the contact is on your finger, make sure there is no hair on it. Quickly insert it into your eye, pressing down.


Step 3

Let go of both lids. Move your eye around and blink a few times. There should be no pain after 30 seconds. If there is, remove the contact and clean it.

One word of advice would be to opt for good contact lenses. Eyes are very sensitive and you need to take extra care on what you place on your eyes. Always look for good quality ones and make sure you consult with an optician before getting your contact lenses. Once you have them, handle them well. Keep them in their solutions, away from dust particles and other tiny particles which might damage your eyes.