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21 January, 2019 12:00 AM printer

The Way

When you look at most of the style and beauty icons, you will notice one thing special. They don’t give a damn. Most of us are too timid to try out things out of the box. However, famous fashionistas do everything to get themselves on the limelight. Sometimes things work out. And sometimes, they don’t. However, that never stops them from pushing the limits of their fashion frontiers.

Whether it’s actors, models, vloggers or singers- they all try to do something different to stand out from the crowd. Take Rihanna’s hair colour experiments as an example or J-Lo’s lipstick variations. Most of us would never even try to come out of our comfort zones whereas these trendsetters are discovering new looks and rocking in them. If there is one thing to learn from them, it is confidence. Do not be scared to try out new things. In fact, go for it but make sure it does not stray too much from your personality. Normal people try to stay on the safe line and, therefore, achieve a balanced look. Real fashionistas find this rather mediocre and explore a plethora of fun colours, lively patterns, whimsical cuttings and much more. Here are some things you can try out yourself too:


Upbeat & Up-To-The-Minute

Why would you want to be a follower of other people’s styles when you have what it takes to be a trendsetter? This week, explore all that’s hot and happening in this chilly winter season with Groove.


Mono Mania

Most monochromatic dresses remind us of school. Remember the white shirt with black pants? You would think this is going to be a nightmare for every fashion conscious woman. On the contrary, most fashionable women consider it one of the best styles. You could have plenty of fun with this old school uniform look if you style it right. Instead of regular black jeans, opt for one with two pairs of zippers. Style your ordinary white tops with an extraordinary stylish sleeve. Once all these are done, put on a chic metallic necklace to complete the look. Put on impeccable makeup. You could never go wrong with this look!


Splash Of Colours

Sometimes you have to work with simple styles to make them special. They key is to layer it right. Put on white tops with white jeans and turn the boring look into a colourful one with a colourful printed kimono. The luscious green colour with red piping stands out in the white background while the beautiful prints make the look more visually attractive. Put on long jhumkas for an ethnic vibe in your fusion look.


Semi-Formal Friendly

Some women find it hard to carry the semi-formal look with panache. However, the trendsetters rock in every look whether it’s formal, semi-formal or party. The printed white shirt along with blue jeans looks clean, crispy and gorgeous. It’s true that it’s not one of those flowy feminine dresses that make you look pretty. However, this look is even better because it has beauty, confidence and attitude. It’s the boss look!


Size Doesn’t Matter

Most girls run after fitted dresses that accentuate their curves. The real fashionistas don’t care about size because they practically rock in every one of them. No matter what size you are, you can never go wrong with a large printed pink kaftan complete with a ribbon on the neckline. Blue jeans as well as a pair of muted shoes with sparkling embellishment look very pretty and feminine with this kaftan.

Model: Oishee

Photo: Monjurul Alam

Styling: Syed Ruma

Wardrobe: RED Origin

Story: Nusrat Jahan Pritom

Make-up:  Persona Hair & Beauty Salon