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Dhaka-Mawa road: Milestone in communication sector

20 January, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Dhaka-Mawa road: Milestone in communication sector

Dhaka-Mawa road is going to be constructed aiming for connectivity with South-West regions of Bangladesh especially with Khulna division as well as the rest of the country. It will connect Khulna through Padma Multi-Purpose Bridge which is under construction. Government of Bangladesh has taken a bold step to make the Dhaka-Mawa road in four lanes, Dhaka-Khulna road in eight lanes and assigned the responsibility to Bangladesh Army to construct it in stipulated time. The Bangladesh Army is constructing the road with a designated plan assisted by the foreign firm CHEC (China Harbor Engineering Company) and CCECC (China Civil Engineering Construction Company) and helping in land acquisition process in collaboration with the Deputy Commissioner’s Office, Dhaka.

This project requires 25.4301 acres of land of different mouza of Demra Thana and Keraniganj Upzila of Dhaka district and its length is about 33 kilometers. The feasibility study has been completed and the project is approved by the Ministry of Land. The notice under section 4 (preliminary notice of acquisition) of the Acquisition and Requisition Act-2017 has been served to all the owner/stakeholder of the local area and the concerned offices. The notice under section 7 has been issued and the notice under section 8 will be served soon after calculating the estimation of the project. The land will be handed-over to the Roads and Highways Department after the completion of the acquisition process of the project.

This road will contribute significantly to our socio-economic development of the country. Our seaborne trade will increase in near future with increasing economic activities both home and abroad. This road will connect all possible connectivity networks across the Padma River. Export-import of goods is not smooth because of bad road connectivity with ports. 90 per cent of total cargo are transported by Chattogram port alone while only 10 per cent through Mongla. Container goods are also transported through railways but only 4 per cent of the total export are transported from Dhaka to Chattogram port through railways which is also costly and time consuming.

But the transport of container goods mostly depends on roadways. The major portion of the export goods are sent from Dhaka. The reason behind dependency on roads is that the export goods are first sent on covered vans from the factories to the private container depots. Apart from the terminal, most of the container depots are located in Chattogram. So, the Dhaka-Mawa road will play a vital role for connecting Mongla port with Dhaka through Padma Bridge for handling export-import goods helping in economic growth and reducing pressure on Chattogram port.

Transport through the Mongla port would gain momentums after the Padma Bridge is constructed and commissioned. Economic significance of this road is significant. Industrialisation, habitation, trade and commerce will gear-up in both sides of the road. Small, medium and heavy industries will grow increasing opportunities of employment of the people. With the transformation from agriculture to industrialisation, the backward linkages will also grow for increasing demand of their raw materials. There will be modernisation of agriculture (cultivation, irrigation, seed plantation, marketing of agro-products), dairy farms and animal husbandry instead of old cultivation method.

Decentralisation of economic activities is a priority of the modern world. Increasing population means higher demand for human fundamental rights (food, shelter, cloth, medicine, education, medical treatment, etc.). If the road is made, economic activities will be expanded and decentralised. It will contribute to the national income and GDP growth creating more employment opportunities reducing income inequality and disparity of the people. There is potential of setting up special economic zones on both sides of greater Dhaka-Mawa-Khulna road. Potential for tourisms and hospitalities will also rise. Domestic and foreign style hotel and motel can come up with investment in that sector. A riverine scene, fishing, journey by boat, speed boat, ship, etc. will attract the traveller, inspectors and tourists from home and abroad near the Padma river. Dhaka-Mawa road is a milestone in our communication sector which will facilitate and accelerate road connectivity, socio-economic development and contribute to attaining sustainable development goals of the country.


Md MuziburRahman, Additional Land Acquisition Officer in DC office, Dhaka