Lanka police seize explosives from local Islamist radicals | 2019-01-19

Lanka police seize explosives from local Islamist radicals

19 January, 2019 12:00 AM printer

COLOMBO: Sri Lanka’s police seized a haul of high explosives stashed near a wildlife sanctuary following the arrest of four men from a newly formed radical Muslim group, officials said Friday, reports AFP.

Elite police commandos and detectives stumbled on the explosives which included some 100 detonators from a make-shift warehouse near the Wilpattu national park, police said.

“Following information received by the CID (Criminal Investigations Department), they found 100 kilos (220 pounds) of high explosives and 100 detonators,” police said in a statement.

Official sources said the discovery was made during investigations into recent hate attacks against Buddha statues elsewhere in the country in an apparent attempt to spark tensions between majority Buddhists and minority Muslims.

“The information we have at the moment is that a radicalised local group of Muslims are behind the explosives seized on Thursday.”