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Why we need Education specialist university

Md. Mizanur Rahaman Mizan

17 January, 2019 12:00 AM printer

In which subject (discipline) are you pursuing your graduation?” Once one of my higher secondary level teachers asked me the question. I simply replied “B.Ed.”. “Oh boy, are you going to be master (teacher)?”I respectfully made him understand that studying in B.Ed (Bachelor of Education) does not mean someone is going to be teacher, Teacher Education is related to teaching profession; this can be a chapter or a course of Education, but Education discusses about overall education. I provided some other information about my discipline instantly as possible.

Education is a special branch or discipline of learning like Accounting, Economics, Physics, etc. But only a small number of educated people in Bangladesh know it; I guess it will cross 80 or 85 percent people who are unaware of one of the most important learning sectors, Education.

Graduates in Education in Bangladesh are setting up themselves at high positions with their merits and proving their excellence. They are doing better in different sectors alongside government and non-government educational sites.

Teacher Education is a part of Educational Science and there have differences; our neighboring country, India is going to introduce professional course for the teachers as ‘Teacher Education'to make people aware about this. Some day we (Bangladesh) had the same name of Professional Bachelor of Education which is a one year programme. Educationists of our country have proposals to change the one year B.Ed. programme to Teacher Education (T.Ed.) as people are confused between undergraduate and post graduate B.Ed.

It would better if there was an Education specialist university in Bangladesh. There are many Medical, Engineering, Science and Technology, Agricultural specialist universities alongside general universities in Bangladesh. Every special university has different views and goals than others, then you all have right to ask me why should Bangladesh Government establish an educational science based university?

As far as I know in almost every country in the first and second world has University of Education with different name. And these universities offer programmes like undergraduate, post graduate, M.Phil., Ph.D., etc. in Education. They also run some training programmes. Countries likeUSA, UK, Australia, Canada, Malaysia, Thailand, New Zealand, Egypt have Education specialist colleges and universitiesto provide knowledge to interested learners about Education in various programmes. Their doors are not only open for their home but also foreign students and trainees. Many Bangladeshis are taking degrees and training in every session at universities like Della-Salle University in Thailand and Canterbury University in New Zealand. Also a good number of teachers do the same or join there to make them trained. But they do not pursue degree or training at their own interest and costs; government of Bangladesh arranges it for them and bear costs. On this purpose Bangladesh have to pay huge amount of money. Can you imagine why does the government do this?

Minimum a single degree is must to enter into teaching profession in the developed and under developing countries. In Bangladesh, there is same thing but this is for them who are going to serve as primary and secondary school teacher, non-governmental college teacher as well; pursuing an Education degree is not mandatory for university and government college teachers. Education experts say- degrees like Professional Bachelor of Education, Diploma in Education,etc. should be needed for teachers at any level.

Suppose, someone with strong efficiency in English is interested to become teacher of English Language; in this case, he should have more proficiency than competency in English language. Firstly they must have solid ability to teach language learners. Then they need deeper idea and proper understanding about teaching-learning methods or strategies (according to the learners’ age, grade, merit and knowledge level,ability, interest, tendency, etc.), pedagogy, educational psychology, guidance in education, detailed concept about education policy and curriculum, lesson planning, class management, proper use of materials, ethics and values, morality, student evaluation methods, pre-post activities of examination, preparing tests and question paper, marking, teacher-student relationships, pure concept of sex and gender, foundation of education, leadership in education, professional knowledge and skills, etc.

Since creation of Bangladesh the education system has been going through a range of controversies. For example there is a lack of education experts. This is why we tend to invite foreign experts or consultants in different government educational projects. But results of coordination of education experts from home and abroad are not so good as expectation till today. It is not a good sign for the future of Bangladesh.

At the secondary level examinations learners have to face creative tests and questions, but a large number of our teachers do not know about proper creative question method. Some say that there is a lack of good teacher in our country, some educationists of may support it as well. But this is not true as they say confidently; we have good teachers (small number) but they are not trained or well trained.

At the secondary level examinations learners have to face creative tests and questions, but a large number of our teachers do not know about proper creative question method. Some people say that there have no good teacher in our country, some educationists of Bangladesh may support it as well. But this is not true as they say confidently; we have good teachers (small number) but they are not trained or well trained as we lack education experts, trainers or educators as we need. There is no big opportunity to make professional experts of education as we have no university of Education. And this is the reason why I think government should set up an Education specialist university.

An Education university may help the government to develop education policy, curriculum and in other sectors by continuous research alongside academic activity, they can run training programmes also.

Currently public universities in Bangladesh like National University, University of Dhaka, University of Rajshahi, University of Chittagong and Jagannath University have colleges and institutes of Education and Research. Recently Noakhali Science and Technology University have opened a faculty named Educational Science. These colleges, Institutes and faculty offer to study in Education in different programmes like four years' B.Ed (Honours), M.Ed (1/2 year), Professional B.Ed (1 year) and Ph.D. under said universities. This is not enough.

The government has a plan to set up universities at all districts, in the list of this plan they should include Education specialist university. 


The writer is a student of Govt. Teachers’ Training College, Dhaka.