Ensure job security, remove irregularities

17 January, 2019 12:00 AM printer

To attain a prime place in today’s world, a country must have an educated population. We all know the old adage that education is the backbone of a nation. Therefore, for a nation to have a mighty backbone, the prerequisite is a dedicated workforce of well-trained pool of teachers, trainers, educationists, mentors, academics, pedagogues, who can tirelessly toil all over the country to spread the light of education. Also, it is compulsory to have visionaries to redesign our education system to accommodate the best technology and knowledge for our future generation to progress in a fast-moving competitive world.

As a nation we must show due appreciation to all who are dedicated to the betterment of education in the country. But sadly, we see quite the opposite happening in reality. We are appalled by a report in the daily sun dated 19 December, 2018, ‘Job regularisation still a far cry’ on the plights of development project staffs under the Ministry of Education whose job regularisation process literally take decades. We feel the reason given by a senior official - “since their files have to move to different offices for approval” - is unacceptable and unjust. Yet, surprisingly the department director could take ‘prompt’ disciplinary action against one such staff for taking the matter to court after years of fruitless appeal. The director made him OSD as punishment in contempt of the court verdict in his favour.

We feel that our newly appointed education ministers can do a lot to prevent such irregularities occurring in any department of the ministry in the future. Working for education should be transformed from a thankless, low-paid insecure job to a rewarding and honourable one for top-notch education to reach every corner of Bangladesh. Let us be realistic and acknowledge that with a lowly paid workforce we can expect nothing but mediocrity in our education system. To attain great heights we must properly value our educators. Many countries strive to lure away the brightest of our academics and researchers with lucrative offers. Fortunately, despite such tempting offers many talented Bengalis return to serve the motherland. To retain them to work for the country we must remove all irregularities in the system and ensure their job security.