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Suhrid’s Debut Album ‘Paap’ Hits The Market

Nusrat Jahan Pritom

17 January, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Suhrid’s Debut Album ‘Paap’ Hits The Market

On January 5, promising singer and songwriter Suhrid Swagata released his debut album ‘Paap’ at Jatra Biroti, a prime location for the music lovers of the city. It was released from Aajob Records. Many eminent artists were present at the event including Joy Shahriar, singer and owner of Aajob Records. The album was unveiled by his mother Kalyani Banerjee. Suhrid’s voice is like a breath of fresh air. His recent release for Brac with Elita Karim and Joy Shahriar titled ‘Prithibi Bodle Jaak’ has reached a significant number of people in various social media platforms.

At the age of 16, he wrote his first song. Everyone around him was impressed and inspired him to pursue this path. Since then, Suhrid began his musical journey. He would write songs and play guitar during his spare time and also record them on his mobile. “I started doing music back in 2004 after I got an acoustic guitar from my mom,” said the singer. “I learnt to play a few chords after that with a little help from my friends and soon wrote and composed my first song Jolchhobi (recently the video of this song has been released in Youtube). At the beginning it was all about trying to play my favourite Bangla and English songs from the 90s. As days went by, I started to play more songs and had my first performance at my university (IBA, Jahangirnagar University). However it was the guitar playing and singing of one of my elder brothers (cousin) that really made me start my musical journey.”


One by one, his songs “Jolchobi,” “Paap,” “Tobu Ekbar,” “Kichu Hobena,” etc came to life. It was the right time to release an album! “I was inspired to work on an album after watching two movies- Sing Street and Ranjana Ami Ar Ashbona. The life-centered songs of Anjan Dutta, Kabir Sumon, Nachiketa etc. and ‘The Beatles’ as a beautiful musical companion also inspired me a lot to go for a musical publication. To add more, I love storytelling through songs. I believe every piece of art is a story the artist tries to tell, and I want to share my feelings through songs/lyrics as well. I sometimes say as a joke that I got ‘The Beatles’ officially in my blood since I got a tattoo of them. If I didn’t get to come across ‘The Beatles’ ever and wrote a song like my title track ‘Paap’, there would have been no album of mine for sure,” added Suhrid.

Last year in October, Suhrid launched his debut album at ‘Chawala’ café centre in Calcutta. Aajob Records, Aajob Karkhana, Butter Communication and Huge Studio respectively produced the album, did the musical arrangement and made the music videos. The album is available in Aajob Records’ Youtube channel. 

While talking about future plans Suhrid said, “I’m looking forward to working on more projects with Joy Shahriar, the owner of Aajob Records and coming up with songs that will touch the heart of Bangla-speaking people living all over the world. To get in touch with more musicians around the country and build a community which will re-establish a golden era of music for the country is my dream.”