DO You Know? | 2019-01-17


DO You Know?

17 January, 2019 12:00 AM printer

•    The word “money” has actually come from a Roman deity who was entrusted to protect the coinage of the city of Rome.

•    The first living person who had his name placed on a coin was Julius Caesar in 44 BCE. Apparently, Julius thought his name should be on a coin, as it was seen as a source of tribute. Militarily, Caesar was on a roll in the Gallic Wars and used his political influence to convince the four men responsible for minting Roman coins to put his image on them.

•    The fear of carrying cash is not something new, but goes back to the days of knights in the Middle Ages. Those knights of old were a brave lot, but when it came to their money they realized carrying a lot of cash was not a good idea – even for a knight of renown.

•    Using money to stuff you pillow with makes more sense than you realize. What we call paper money is actually cloth money. It is made of 75% cotton fiber, some colored to give it that green appearance. The other 25% is linen, like the kind your sheets and pillowcases are generally made from.

•    At one time, stealing money was punishable by death in the United States.

     •           Putting your money where your mouth is can be dangerous to your health. What is not so often talked about is that 94% of all paper money has some type of bacteria on it.