Impassable roads afflict commuters | 2019-01-16

Impassable roads afflict commuters

16 January, 2019 12:00 AM printer

It is unacceptable that the University Grants Commission, a very important body to oversee the status of the country's higher education, has literally been cut off with impassable roads in its neighbourhood. Not only the officials of UGC but also those who need to visit the institution, including ministers, lawmakers, and top officials of local and international organisations have to go through a terrible experience of commuting through the dilapidated roads.

Even though, other than the office of UGC, many important government offices like Election Commission, Bangladesh Public Service Commission, Bangladesh Computer Council, Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission, Music College, and Bureau of Statistics are situated in the area, sorry state of the roads are no exception to the overall incomputable situation of roads elsewhere in the capital. Literally, commuters of most parts of the city suffer from the painful experience of plying dilapidated roads.

The situation turns worse as the dust originated from the speedy wheels of vehicles is added to the bad quality air of the city filled with tiny particles of harmful substances, only to affect the health of travellers. Experts believe that serious respiratory diseases may develop among many of those who regularly commute through bumpy roads full of dust, especially in the dry season. City dwellers face accidents as a regular feature due to innumerable potholes on roads.

It is not so difficult to decipher how we get to this sorry pass. Allegedly, instead of maintaining the bad spots on the roads immediately after their emergence, the authorities concerned spoil a long time until the spots turn to big potholes and go completely beyond an easily repairable shape. As a result, roads become too dilapidated to commute.

In most cases, maintenance job for the shabby roads requires a time-consuming process due to the bureaucratic tangle. This explains why a significant amount of money is wasted every year mainly due to the lack of timely repair work of roads. Many allege that use of low-quality materials is a big culprit. Setting up of a robust maintenance regime is the demand of the hour for keeping roads in a good shape all the year round.