Woman suing Kelly for sex abuse

16 January, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Woman suing Kelly 
for sex abuse

A woman who sued R. Kelly accusing the American R&B star of sexual battery, knowingly infecting her with a sexually transmitted disease, and false imprisonment says he has threatened her, reports AFP.

High-profile women’s rights attorney Gloria Allred told reporters on Monday that her client Faith Rodgers, 20, faced “efforts to intimidate and retaliate” from Kelly after she filed the lawsuit now pending in New York’s Supreme Court. And just after Rodgers testified in the documentary “Surviving R. Kelly” that aired this month, her lawyers say Kelly, 51, and his team created a Facebook page—which the social media giant removed within hours—in an effort to discredit his accusers including Rodgers, posting “private” photos of her.

Rodgers’ team also said Kelly wrote to her attorney Lydia Hills saying he was prepared to demand medical evidence to support her claim about the STD and that he would challenge her version of events by putting up male witnesses who would testify under oath about her sex life.

R. Kelly’s lawyer, Steve Greenberg, told AFP the letter allegedly sent by the singer was “a complete fabrication.”