Concert Tragedies That Shocked Everyone | 2019-01-10

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Concert Tragedies That Shocked Everyone

Nusrat Jahan Pritom

10 January, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Concert Tragedies That Shocked Everyone

While we all love concerts, we hardly remember all of them. Well, you might remember all the concerts you had gone to, if they are few in number. But it’s not possible to remember hundreds of concerts one had gone to in this small life. It’s even more impossible to remember the countless concerts we see on Youtube and other social sites everyday. However, some concerts are there which make headlines in the front page for all the wrong reasons. Unlike other events, these leave us feeling horrified and devastated. Here are a few such concerts from the past where the audience was reeled into an experience they had never paid for:


Tsunami Crashes Into Concert In Indonesia

It was a normal day in Indonesia on Sunday, December 23, 2018. People were enjoying a concert in Sunda Strait. Boyband Seventeen was rocking the stage. As the vocalist cued the musicians to show off their talents, something bizarre happened. The whole stage collapsed into itself, engulfing the flood of people before it. This moment was caught on camera and later shared by the vocalist, Riefian Fajarsyah, on Instagram. A tsunami triggered by a volcano eruption in Indonesia swept through their concert. Footage showed the wave wiping out the open-air stage and hurling band members into the audience at a beach resort in Tanjung Lesung. More than 168 people have been killed and 745 injured after the tsunami struck the coast on the country’s Sunda Strait. Riefian later shared an emotional video with his 260,000 Instagram followers in which he said the group’s bassist and road manager had been killed. He said in the video, “We lost our bassist Bani and our road manager Oki. Andi [drummer] and Herman [guitar] and Ujang [crew] have not been found. Please pray so that my wife Dylan [Dylan Sahara] will be found soon.” He added the rest are thankfully safe. It was such a heart breaking moment. Within seconds cries of happiness transformed into cries of agony.


Singer Bitten By Snake On Stage

The incident is again from Indonesia. It happened two years ago when the singer, Irma Bule, accidentally stepped on a cobra during her performance. She was a Dangdut singer and having snakes on stage was nothing new in this part of the world. In fact, having snakes in dangdut performances meant a better payment. Unfortunately, the snake was prompted to bite her as she stepped on it. However, she did not stop her performance. She continued her performance for 45 more minutes after which she started vomiting and died on the spot.


Pantera Guitarist Shot Dead

We can all agree that some fans tend to go a little overboard in their fandom. The Pantera guitarist, Dimebag Darell, also had a fan that knew no limits to his love for metal; in his crazed state, he shot down the guitarist along with three other victims. This tragedy occurred in December 1997 at Alrosa Villa club in Columbus, Ohio. Darell was going to perform with his new band ‘Damageplan’ at the place where the fan shot him. The motive as stated by the shooter was that the breakup of the band Panthera upset him; he blamed Darell for it. At first, attendees thought it was a gimmick planned by the guitarist. But when Dimebag’s shriek was heard, the real chaos started. The police killed the shooter immediately after the uproar over the incident.


Terrorist Attack In Paris Concert

Most of us remember this one - that happened during a show by Eagles in 2015. During the concert, three militants with rifles entered the Bataclan Theatre in Paris and started shooting randomly for 20 minutes. The shooting itself is believed to have caused 89 deaths. However, the gunmen were also wearing suicide vests and blew themselves up along with other victims as soon as they had the chance. Believed to be the deadliest shooting at a concert, the attack seemed to have been a catalyst for a series of attacks that night resulting in the deaths of 130 people in Paris.