Google Home Hub: A Device For The Most Intimate Space | 2019-01-10


Google Home Hub: A Device For The Most Intimate Space

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10 January, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Google Home Hub: A Device For The Most Intimate Space

The Google Home Hub is the company’s first first-party smart display and the soft, cute aesthetic clearly gives it away as a Google Home device. According to Google, the Home Hub is designed to fit seamlessly into “the most intimate spaces,” (a bedroom to be particular).


This 7-inch, 1024 x 600 px display is, of course, the main focus of this smart device and Google has achieved some impressively accurate colours and brightness with the so-called Ambient EQ Light Sensor. Whether underneath a bright fluorescent lamp or at your bedside in a dimly-lit room, the Google Home Hub’s display adapts quickly and accurately.

The display looks exquisite in any light, reminding us a lot of e-ink in that it looks so natural and readable, but unlike e-ink, this is the case in every lighting situation. The display’s automatic adjustment of brightness and tone combine to keep the Google Home Hub looking right at home wherever it is.


On the main screen, you have the option to view a slideshow of your chosen Google Photos album, images from Google’s curated art gallery, or a full-screen clock. Tapping the screen from here will bring you to the Home Hub’s main UI where you’ll find a side-scrollable carousel of interactive cards. These include weather, upcoming calendar events, recipes, top stories, recommended Spotify playlists and YouTube videos, and a widget suggesting various functions or features.

Lastly, there’s an “Explore” card which, when tapped, shows you a list of things the Google Assistant can do on the Home Hub, organized in another side-scrolling set of smaller, block-shaped widgets.