Sixth Sense: The Sailor Of The Soul | 2019-01-10


Sixth Sense: The Sailor Of The Soul

Abdullah Al Moinee

10 January, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Sixth Sense: The Sailor Of The Soul

Intuitive voyage of the soul designs the pivotal pathway for the life to extract the essence of existence. Sixth sense is the valiant sailor of the voyage to sail the soul towards the shore of serenity. The universe equals unity and reflects an image superposing soul, mind, heart, brain, and body by means of spiritual synergy. The spirituality is fueled by the sixth sense to originate a revelation in reality along with the existing sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch that awakens the third eye with a view to excavating the land of life and extracting integrity, humanity, simplicity, vivacity, ecstasy, and eternity.

Thoughts are the design engineer of divine destiny. The driving force of thoughts works to structure each of the state one exits in. The structure can stand upright against all kind of quivers only if the foundation is positively perceived by tenacious thoughts. The sixth sense generates the positive perception in the penetrating platform. The shape of life is limned by the direction and depth of thoughts. The potential of performance to do, think, and be positive propels belief in the chronicles of courageous confidence.

Belief of mind functions as a calibrated catalyst which can control the aid that one can get from the universe and nature. The positive thoughts will go with the same amplitude of nature at a favorable rhythm and so the output will be magical that creates a radical resonance. The radiant answers to all universal questions given by the sixth sense can construct a structure that enables anyone to be the exultant only on the basis of firm and fervent belief. The belief is the magic wand of life and soul that triggers the propagation of neural signal of thoughts.

Well, integrity generates the respiration energy for the soul to inhale the elegance of innocence and exhale enthusiasm, ecstasy, and encouragement in the environment to escalate the earth. The sixth sense escalates the integrity induced in soul so that one can define the life nurtured by the truest feelings of the heart to be healed by honesty, hope, and happiness. The harmonized positive vibes on the basis of determined belief waved by the integrity always keep the sixth sense proactive to create an illumination. This simultaneous illumination of integrity and belief along with perceptive patience always pave the path to reach the realm of truth and tranquility.


The shore of serenity belongs to the island of truth and tranquility. The island is fortified from any kind of tidal torment of psychology by the happiness of pacified mind and brain. The premises of this island is the temple of peace spreading the aphorism of truth in the environment saturated by the sixth sense. The sense makes the sight of affinity between one another amply sensible with a view to echoing that humans are for humanity. The island is designed and webbed by the altruism and aesthetic affinity of human beings. The altruistic affinity heals the heart to love the soul passionately articulating the impetus of a realization driven by a prayer of sacrifice. The art of realization is designed in the sense of soul where the transverse wave of simplicity creates the constructive interference by dint of universal infinity.

Sixth sense functions as an intuitive identity to mold the mind. It perceives the penetrating psalm and resonating recitation of soul to navigate the life towards the momentous miracle. The savior of soul aids life in structuring a shield against lie, libel, rancor, haughtiness, rapacity, larceny, corruption, and war. Reflection on the transparency of pure ocean of life engenders a constitution for leading a life of thriving psychology and philosophy. The simultaneous stimulation of the psychology and philosophy secretes the simplicity of appreciation and acknowledgement of existence. The secretion directs the stream of life with a moral resolution bolstered by the sixth sense to be a universal soul to serve the world.


            (The writer is a chemical engineer.)