Suicidal tendency among students: What teachers and guardians should do | 2019-01-06 |

Suicidal tendency among students: What teachers and guardians should do

Sadia Afrin

6 January, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Suicidal tendency among students: What teachers 
and guardians should do

Suicide is not only the death of a person, but also the closing of the door of a potentiality forever. As a result of committing suicide, all the potentialities of the person perish. Not only this, s/he deprives his family, country and the world of his contribution.

But none in this world has the right to deprive this world of its due. And so, it is said that, committing suicide is a great sin. In all religions, in all faiths it is regarded as one of the worst sins.

When does someone commit this type of sin? It happens when one forgets the dreadful results of this sin and becomes very much frustrated thinking that he doesn’t deserve to live in this world. When someone gets entangled in the web of any complexity, he thinks that killing himself is the only solution and this beautiful world seems to him insipid. Besides, when one cannot fulfill his dream and the expectations of his near and dear ones, he becomes disappointed and decides to commit suicide.

But doesn’t he know that human beings are greater than their dreams? So, what does it matter, if one’s dream gets broken, if one’s dream is not fulfilled? Should he or she kill himself or herself? No, obviously it is not like this. In some cases, the children are compelled to fulfil their dreams with the extreme pressure of their parents. And if they fail to do this, they become hopeless and think themselves worthless. But shouldn’t they know that this beautiful world is telling them, “Live and let live?” These frustrated children should know that human beings are greater than their dreams.

According to Bangladesh police, in 2017, more than 10,000 people committed suicide in Bangladesh. Most of these self-murderers were teenagers. (KalerKontho, 18 December, 2018). Statistics say that committing suicide is the second largest cause of the premature demise of the teenagers. A recent survey shows that 17 boys and 22 girls in every lakh commit suicide in Bangladesh. According to World Health Organization, 4% young boys and 6% young girls think to commit suicide. All these reports aren’t giving us any auspicious signal. Checking the tendency of committing suicide among the teenagers and keeping their mental health sound is now a big challenge. We have to think about it again and have to work together to find an effective solution.

The familial relationship, relationship among friends or between teacher and student, all these should be deeper. We should pay attention to each other. But day by day the depth of these relations is decreasing instead of increasing. Regarding commitment to family, Mother teresa said, “May be in our own family, we have somebody, who is feeling lonely, who is feeling sick, who is feeling worried. Are we there? Are we willing to give until it hurts in order to be with our families or do we put our interest first? We must remember that love begins at home and future of humanity passes through the family.” (EFT Class- Nine/Ten)

So, if we can increase the depth of these relations, we can realsie the temperament of the people living around us. And may be in this way, we can reduce these unexpected deaths.

In our country, each student has to sit for about 4 public examinations (PEC, JSC, SSC, HSC). As a result, most of the students go under huge pressure during the whole student life. Most of the guardians tell their children that they have no other choice but to get GPA-5. But does anyone try to understand his or her physical and mental strength or condition? Is he or she able to carry the load? Is anyone counselling him or her?

We should not break one before he or she is built. But some guardians put such a pressure that they get broken before being built. Some guardians try to fulfil their own wishes and dreams through their children. As a result, children’s own dreams and wishes get hidden.

If students can express or share their any kind of problem frankly with their parents and teachers and get necessary advice from them then their mental pressure can be reduced to a large extent. But in most of the cases in our country students’ relationship with their guardians and teachers is not so deep.

But there are still some guardians and teachers who are reliable and sincere to share the children’s problems. I can always express all my thoughts, ideas and notions with my parents. I have also got some wonderful teachers who are really very helpful to us and do their best so that we don’t get derailed.

One of those wonderful teachers is our Abdur Rahim sir who is very co-operative and dexterous. He analyses any topic so thoroughly that anything once we hear from him we never forget. Not only the students even the guardians also have become his fans. He inspires all of us in both academic and co-curricular activities. Even we can share any personal problem with him without any hesitation and can get supportive advice. If Aritri, (a girl who committed suicide) once would have talked to a teacher like him, I firmly believe that she would have never committed suicide. So teachers should be like the night watch on a ship. Why will they be seductive to commit suicide?

So, it’s high time we found out all the problems from the grassroots level and try to uproot them. If we all come forward and work sincerely, we hope to have a congenial environment for the children.


The writer is a student of Class-X, Roll-01, SaberaSobhan Govt. Girls’ High School, Brahmanbaria.