Post Office financial digitalisation: A step forward | 2019-01-06 |

Post Office financial digitalisation: A step forward

6 January, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Post Office financial digitalisation: A step forward

The history of Post Office is hundreds of years old and it is our past glory. Once upon a time, communication was not easy like today’s modern roads and highways, air connectivity, water connectivity, e-connectivity (e-education, e-commerce, e-money, e-health, e-admission, e-medicine, wireless communication, etc.) in our country. People mostly depended upon the post offices for sending and getting news of near and dear ones, money transfer, money order, post and parcel and such necessary activities. A lover waited for a letter from his beloved, a wife wished for a letter from her husband in distant workplace, parents from their child working or educating abroad, relative to get news of their loved ones, friends and well-wishers, etc. A runner worked to take letters posted for different places and persons from the post box, running all the way with his letter bags with a lance and lantern heading for the destination.

Nowadays, the situation has changed in an unprecedented manner. Modern courier services, digitisation of the institutions changed the scenario of sending and receiving documents, letters and other important communications. With the pace of the universal digitisation of postal services, Bangladesh needs a sophisticated and updated postal service for speedy service and benefits of the people and the nation. Bangladesh Postal Department is an institution of hundreds of years with network spread out in every nook and corner of the country. It is a tradition, full of memories and love of our people.

It works as a Postal Savings Banks, with public and private money saving instruments, saving schemes (short term and long term), cash deposit services. It introduced speed post services (it is a new innovation, clients can trace and track their parcel with mobile apps), e-commerce for online transaction; postal cash card introduced for safe banking service for un-banked people with speedy, dependable transaction, EMTS (Electronic Money Transfer Service), GEP, EPP, VPP, Postal Life Insurance Service, postal order, co-branded ATM booth (jointly with Sonali Bank), Post E-Center (marginalised people are getting digital service through 8,500 post e-center all over Bangladesh), Bulk/Business Mail (it is  only an opportunity to send business mail with minimum cost to the last edge of the country) and International Mail (Bangladesh has Express Mail with tracking service to 43 countries, Parcels to 181 countries and Sea Mail to 174 counties). It is expanding day by day. Some reforms has been taken by the authorities like enacting Post Office Act-1898 (revised-2010), Mailing Operator and Courier Service Licensing Authority Act-2013, strengthening postal transport system, road map 2010-2021-Bangladesh perspective, transformation of all rural Post Office to ICT-based and modern residential buildings for the employees.

Present government has taken a number of steps and initiatives for digitisation and modernisation of the post offices of Bangladesh. Lastly, Bangladesh Post Office is going to introduce a digital financial service to increase people’s financial freedom with additional security and control. Dubbed Nagad, the service will be regulated under the Bangladesh Postal Act Amendments-2010, section 3(2), a law made especially for the Bangladesh Postal office. This particular service (financial digitalisation) was introduced with the pace of other private regulators and with our Prime Minister’s vision of ‘Digital Bangladesh’. The main catalyst behind its initiatives were the experiences of providing financial services for more than a century by the Postal Department in Bangladesh. The works, functions and responsibilities of Bangladesh Post Office is increasing day by day with the increase of our population. If it introduces digital financial service, it will be able to take more care of clients with speed and transparency in financial transaction. Through our nationwide network of 9886 post offices and its employees, Bangladesh postal division is well equipped in tackling any irregularities in this digital financial sector with speed and efficiency. Bangladesh Postal Division is also successfully accommodating financial transactions for the marginal population under different projects of the World Bank, Red Cross, UNDP, a2i and others. We should regain, revive our past glory, our cultural tradition of Post Offices in Bangladesh in a new and updated way. Digitisation and modernisation of the Post Offices is one of them. We wish all the successes of our Postal Department.


Md Muzibur Rahman, Additional Land Acquisition Officer, DC office, Dhaka