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Jamil Ahmed Back With A New Production

4 January, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Jamil Ahmed Back With A New Production

Renowned theatre activist Syed Jamil Ahmed is coming up with his new theatre production titled ‘Jiban o Rajnaitik Bastabata’ (Life and Political Reality), based on a novel by Shahidul Zahir with the same title. It will be produced by Spardha. The rehearsal of this production began on January 1, 2019 at Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy. 

Spardha, a production-based theatre organization, selected 22 actors for this production to be premiered in the middle of March of this year after arranging four different workshops, where 66 participants came from various theatre troupes and institutions. The workshop was planned and coordinated by Syed Jamil Ahmed.

Post-modern novelist Shahidul Zahir’s second book ‘Jiban O Rajnaitik Bastobota’ is a novella of 61 pages (which was published in 1988) based on our liberation war and post-liberation war situation. The play has been dramatized and directed by Syed Jamil Ahmed.

Syed Jamil Ahmed is a Bangladeshi scholar, theatre director and founding chairman of the Department of Theatre and Music, University of Dhaka. His most notable theatre productions include Bishad Shindhu (1992), Kamala Ranir Sagar Dighi (1997), Ek Hazar Aur Ek Thi Rate (1998), Behular Bhasan (2004), Pahiye (2006), Shong Bhong Chong (2009) and Rizwan (2017). Besides, ‘Acinpakhi Infinity: Indigenous Theatre of Bangladesh’, ‘In Praise of Niranjan: Islam, Theatre and Bangladesh’ and ‘Hajar Bachhar: Bangladesher Natak O Natyakala’ are his notable publications. He won ‘Nandikar National Theatre Award’ from Calcutta and the B.V. Karanth Award from India's National School of Drama (NSD). Syed Jamil Ahmed was honoured with ‘Shilpakala Padak 2016’ for his contribution to theatre arena.