Achieving skill-sets of new year

Protiva Rani Karmaker

3 January, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Each year is, in essence, good for us even if it brings apathy, failure and pitfalls. We welcome New Year with the hope that our past experiences will rectify our mistakes and thus will direct us towards the path of glory and success with new skills. This way, in a human breast there remains always a ray of hope for being a skilled one as it is the prime demand of time. In the coming years few skills will be considered more important. Among them, the noticeable ones are Complex problem solving activity, Critical thinking skills, Creativity, Leadership, Organizing skills, Presentation skills, Cognitive Skills, Managerial skills, Acculturation ability and the ability to accept any odds of life with a smiling face and strong heart, Prompt question solving skills with wit and intelligence, Expert in collecting updated information and applying them accordingly, Aspiring to know the true philosophy of life, religion, development, humanism, culture, history, music and literature, psychology, philosophy and ethics, Connecting with global network through positive attitude, learning basic skills to improve life-style, health or safety issues,  Being Conscious about own country, environment, corruption, global warning, commerce, science, arts, languages, Information and Communication Technology Skills (ICTs) and many more. We also need to enrich ourselves with the advance knowledge of Research. Research has no alternative in the international phenomenon. In other words, research is directly linked with the overall trend towards the globalization of information exchange, communication and educational development. Disappointingly, in some cases, research remains limited in certain fields or few subjects. All areas of studies and sectors require research equally. Funding is expected to be sufficient in order to promote quality research. Some of us believe it true that technology is taking us to the path of advance in terms of progress but pushing us back in terms of emotional attachment with family and society. Schools can focus lessons on the importance on ethics, morality and showing proper respect for elders. In the upcoming year, there will be more challenges and more competition in the fields of job and advance studies. Those who are more skilled are luckier than the less skilled ones as a skilled man or woman needs not depend on someone else. Obviously, you do not have to be super skilled in every field. Rather, it is expected that you will gather knowledge on everything essential to claim yourself smart and global but skilled in specific field. The person who is skilled in gardening can dream of super success if he/she remains dedicated in this work.  General knowledge on current affairs of home and abroad is required for undergraduate and graduate learners. Along with satisfactory skills in Mother tongue there should be perfect orientation on two more languages because leaning a new language is like having new visionary eyes. There is no alternative to learning English well because it is the vehicle to enter into the global network which is one of the most treasured dreams of a skilled person. There is no doubt that our country is progressing. All that we need to ensure now is to achieve skill sets to claim ourselves as an Exemplary Nation to inspire the global society. It is also our honest duty to leave substantial work for the upcoming generation as we will not be with them after our death but our deeds, our lessons will direct them towards the path of glory and success. It is possible when we will be skilled and dedicated to our dear mother land. Best wishes for all skilled leaders of Shonar Bangla.


The writer is an Associate Professor of English and Director of Institute of Modern Languages (IML) of Jagannath University, Dhaka, Bangladesh. She can be contacted via [email protected]