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‘Bolte Icche Kore’: A Masterpiece By Muzahid Ovi

Nusrat Jahan Pritom

3 January, 2019 12:00 AM printer

‘Bolte Icche Kore’: 
A Masterpiece By Muzahid Ovi

Photo: Sameer Ahmed

Many of us have suppressed feelings- feelings that are so profound that they burn our hearts. Yet we put up a smiling face, oblivious to the storm that rages inside. That’s why Muzahid Ovi’s song ‘Bolte Icche Kore’ has become such a hit in a short span of time. It articulates these inexpressible emotions so well. But that is not the only reason why this song is popular. ‘Bolte Icche Kore’, released on 28 December at 9.00pm from the artist’s own Youtube channel, is a song that is bound to uplift your mood. It’s just so serene and melodic that you have to listen to the song time and again in loops.

The song begins with a music that is bound to fill you with nostalgia. As words begin, you instantly fall in love with both the voice as well as the meaningful lyrics. It’s so relatable at least for many people- both men and women. Words like “Chup kore bola kichu kotha” (meaning speaking in silence) are profound. In fact, lyrics such as this have been missing in the present-day music scene which is very often about repetition and overuse of musical software! The song is a bit about love unfulfilled- “Tumi ei muhurte hashcho kina jante icchhe kore, ami bhalo achi mon bhalo nei bolte icche kore.” But it’s not entirely that! The rhythmic arrangement of words to convey simple yet powerful emotions is also commendable. It’s definitely one of those songs you are going to find yourself humming in the mornings and evenings!

Regarding the song, the singer said, “I have returned to music after a long hiatus. It was 11 years back that another song of mine was released titled ‘Nishash’. Since then there had been a gap for various reasons. I had taken a lot of time to nurture my passion and finally came up with this song this season. I hope the listeners will like the song.” Muzahid further expressed his desire to stay more connected to his passion that is music. “It feels really good to have returned.”

The lyrics, tune and vocal of the song is by Muzahid himself. Jahid Nirob from Chirkutt composed the song. Guitar, bass and musical arrangement was by Mehedi Hasan Tamjid. It was mixed and mastered by Anik Ahammed. Ovi is also the vocalist of the band ‘Mitthuk’.