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Men’s Dress Boots: A Style Guide

Rajib Kanti Roy

31 December, 2018 12:00 AM printer

Men’s Dress Boots: A Style Guide

Boots and boot fashion are rooted in a long history. In the past boots used to symbolize ruling power and strength. Ordinary men liked wearing boots in the later years. Early versions of the boot were worn by kings and emperors. So, boot can add a royal touch to your fashion statement. From a practical standpoint, boots take better care of your feet and lower legs than shoes do. They are meant to give you extra protection from bad weather or environmental hazards. This is why many designers nowadays think of boots as fashion accessories. Here are a few options for dress boots:


Chelsea Boot

The Chelsea boot goes all the way back to the Victorian era when men and women first wore it. These ankle-high boots are laceless. You slip them on and get them off just as easily by pulling the loop of fabric at the back. Chelsea boots work in both formal and casual situations. It doesn’t matter if it’s a suit or a blazer, whether your pants are dress slacks or designer jeans. These boots are great to wear most of the time. The key is to pick the right colour.


Chukka Boot

Many believe the Chukka boot originated in India among British soldiers who enjoyed playing polo. The name is a modification of “chukker” - the period of game in polo matches. Chukkas broke out in the late forties, and until now they’re popular choices for casual and sporty wear. The rough-looking leather used to make chukkas is what gives them a strong casual appeal. The upper is made with suede or calfskin while the sole is leather-based. They’re designed to look and feel comfortable.

Desert Boot

Desert boots are the most popular version of the Chukka today. They were first designed as comfortable and practical footwear for the British Army during World War II. Soldiers would use them for downtime while they were in the desert. These boots also use Derby lacing and share the same advantages as any chukka boot. Another thing about them is the stitching around the sole – which isn’t as visible on other chukkas. This is what makes them look more casual.


Hiking Boots

Hiking boots are designed to support the ankles, provide cushion, and protect from the elements, while still being light enough to not impede stamina.  Boots that meet all this criteria are an outdoorsman’s delight; those that fail can turn a trip into a painful lesson of why quality matters.


Western Boots

Western boots functionally serve the purpose of keeping a man in his saddle, protecting him from the terrain, and if taken care of, they can last as long as a horse. But that’s the issue - most of us don’t require this functionality and wrestle with the issue of whether or not we deserve to wear something so idealized.

Wear boots and you can change up your style. You look outdoorsy. You appear big and manly. That’s because they cover more of the legs and look heavier than shoes. And let’s not forget that dress boots aren’t as ‘refined’ as dress shoes. So, choosing dress boots will make your style wild and bold.