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People find no reason to vote BNP, allies

Staff Correspondent

28 December, 2018 12:00 AM printer

When it comes to exercising one’s franchise, voters are found to prefer the ruling Awami League to BNP and its allies, as they are keen on sustaining the pace of development of the country.  

While talking to a cross-section of people it became evident that they are less likely to cast their votes for BNP and its allies for the December-30 polls.

The memory of BNP-Jamaat coalition government misrule during 2001-2006 tenure is still fresh to them that made Bangladesh champion in corruption seven times in a row, and they do not want to brick it back.

A majority of voters told daily sun they would vote for the ruling AL to sustain the pace of development of the country.

Asaduzzman Joarder, 65, from the city’s Kuril area said he doesn’t want to see the BNP-Jamaat get back to power as he wants the country to move ahead with progress.

“I think BNP will take the country back if they are voted to power. So, there is no reason to vote their candidates,” he added.

The elderly citizen said during the incumbent regime, Bangladesh has made tremendous progress in its every sector and if the regime sustains the power, the country will be more developed.

Khalek Mia, 57, a resident in the city’s Badda area, said the countrymen will never forget the horrific days of the last BNP regime that established a reign of terror across the country with their party goons.

During that regime, Tarique Rahman earned name of ‘Mr Ten Percent’ for his rampant extortion, corruption and receiving commission from the government allotment for any project, he said.

He mentioned that people will never cast their votes for BNP as long as they have memories of the misdeeds of ‘Hawa Bhaban’ led by Tarique, the eldest son of then prime minister Begum Khaleda Zia.

Asgar Ali, 43, living the city’s Moghbazar area, said, “I have many reasons for voting for ‘boat’, the poll symbol of the ruling party, Bangladesh Awami League, but not a single cause for voting the BNP.”

“I could mention that the country witnessed tremendous development during the last one decade under the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.”

But the last BNP regime was involved in rampant corruption, extortion and trade of commission instead of developing the country, he said.

He thinks people will never want to see BNP and its allies in power again.

Ashif Shahreer, 28, a resident in the city’s Naya Paltan area, said he would vote for ‘boat’ as the incumbent regime has presented the younger generation with a digital Bangladesh.

“But the last BNP-Jamaat regime gave us ‘Hawa Bhaban’ and its misrule whose memories are still fresh in the minds of my generation,” he added. 

He expects that the youth especially the first-time voters will definitely cast their maiden votes for ‘boat’ to contribute the pace of the vast development work undertaken by the present government.

Maulana Saiful Islam, 39, a resident in the city’s Demra area, said students and teachers of Qaumi Madrasah will vote for ‘boat’ as Sheikh Hasina met their long-standing demand by recognising Daura-e-Hadis as the master’s degree.

Mosharraf Hossain, 19, a student of Dhaka University, said he would vote for AL boat the premier has abolished all quotas from the first and second class government jobs.

“I think the millions of job seekers, especially the educated youths of the country, will also work for the win of the incumbent regime in the polls,” he expected.