DO You Know?

27 December, 2018 12:00 AM printer

•    Spirits become more active at night, possibly due to a reduced electronic disturbance from appliances and other devices, which compete with or drown out ghostly apparitions. For this reason, you’re more likely to detect ghostly disturbances when your house is quiet.

•    Spirits can manifest in various ways, including orbs, streaks of light, dark shadows, mists and strange blurs. Full-body apparitions are possible, but highly unlikely.

•    Children and animals are more likely to “see” a ghost. Some children perceive ghosts as imaginary friends.

•    If a candle flame burns blue or suddenly goes out with no apparent draft or breeze, it’s a sure sign that ghosts are present.

•    Spirits can often be helpful, and even protective of the families they “haunt.”

•    Albert Einstein himself may have postulated a scientific basis for the existence of ghosts. Since energy cannot be created or destroyed but only change its form, what becomes of our energy when we die? Could it be somehow manifested as a ghost?

•    Albert Einstein wasn’t the first. The concept of ghosts as a form of life after death goes all the way back to ancient Egypt, where people believed that death was merely a transition from one form of existence to another.

•    Ghost hunters often use electronic equipment to investigate places supposedly haunted by ghosts.

•    While the ghost hunting community doesn't seem to have a standard set of tools, some of the ones used are night vision photography, an EMF meter to detect fluctuations in electromagnetic fields, thermal imaging cameras to detect cold spots and audio recording equipment to record any odd sounds.