Dream of augmented humans endures despite sceptics

20 December, 2018 12:00 AM printer

Dream of augmented humans endures despite sceptics

PARIS: Brain implants, longer lives, genetically modified humans: for the prophets of transhumanism—the scientifically assisted evolution of humans beyond our current limitations—it is just a matter of time, reports AFP.  But many scientists insist that some problems are not so easily solved.

Sooner or later, they argue, the movement that crystalised in the can-do culture of 1980s California will hit the brick wall of the scientifically impossible.

The most recent controversy was in November, when Chinese scientist He Jiankui claimed to have created the world’s first genetically edited babies, who he said were HIV-resistant.

The backlash from the scientific community led to his work being suspended, as questions were raised not just about the quality of the science, but the ethics of the research. But the transhumanist dream is nothing new, says Marc Roux, president of the French Transhumanist Association (AFT).