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Some Fabulous Places For Music In Dhaka

Nusrat Jahan Pritom

20 December, 2018 12:00 AM printer

Some Fabulous Places For Music In Dhaka

Some of you may be more than just bathroom singers. You may have the talent but lack the opportunity to showcase your talents. And, that is completely wrong. It is absolutely unjustifiable to nurture a great talent inside you and not be able to unleash it in a productive way. Luckily, Dhaka has a buzzing scene of open mic nights where anybody, amateur or professional, could just get on stage and sing his or her heart out. Of course, even the most talented singer would make sure she/he does his/her practice well before facing the crowd. If you are one of them, take a look at these places located in the capital city:


3rd Space

This cosy café is a great space to bring out future stars. In fact, they are holding ‘Open Mic IV’ today! All you have to do is get registered in their Facebook event page. It’s not a place for only singers but stand up comedians and acoustic musicians could also try their luck here. The place is comfortable with a peaceful ambience. The twinkling lights with the dark shadows cast a magic on stage that is sure to make others spellbound, once the performances begin.


Jatra Biroti

This is the perfect place where the city dwellers can get reconnected to our roots.  The scintillating artwork and refreshing atmosphere is a great reason to come here with your beloved, with your family or even alone. Furthermore, they host open mic nights every Thursday. You have guessed it right- that’s today! If you can find some work after office or college, drop by Jatra Biroti to get in touch with your secret superstar. Another reason to visit their place would be for their furry family members. Jatra Biroti has a cat and three kittens in it. If you are allergic to cats, you could still sit in the enclosed space on the fourth floor.


While some are quite dedicated and hold weekly open mic nights (such as Jatra Biroti), there are quite a few places out there that offer this opportunity on frequent or occasional basis. Gourmet Bazar Banani is closed at the moment. Otherwise, this is a buzzing place for aspiring musicians, comedians and even dancers. Sometimes places like Alliance Francaise, German Institute, etc also hold events where you can perform. The Stage, located at Uttara, has live music facilities to cater for budding musicians to strut their abilities and new talent is actually picked out and nurtured. Guests can seek to perform on "Open Mic" nights on a platform designed for people who want to show their inner aptitude.