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Empowering Home Cooks Through Apps

  • Md. Ashiquer Rahman Bhuiyan
  • 6 December, 2018 12:00 AM
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Housewives in our country usually depend on their husbands for financial support. As our society is largely patriarchal, so women are often discouraged about working outside. However in the developed countries, women engage themselves in many sectors to earn money. They handle their family and establish themselves as well. On the other hand, housewives in our country are advised to stay inside home and bring up their children. Despite all the barriers the situation is changing owing to the fact that several online home-made food delivery services are helping these women to gain something financially. They can now earn extra money by dint of what they do everyday – cooking. Different app-based food delivery services are now hiring home cooks (housewives) for cooking home-made foods that are sold to the foodies. Here are some apps which have come up with such opportunity for the housewives:


Food Peon

With the vision of empowering housewives Food Peon Ltd. (styled as Foodpeon) began its journey in late 2016. Foodpeon aims to build such platform where women can earn by their cooking skills and deliver homemade hygienic food to the customers. In the beginning it used to serve customer’s desired food through their website (www.foodpeon.com).

Foodpeon has now over 200 kitchens in the major areas such as Gulshan, Baridhara, Banani, Malibagh, Dhanmondi, Mirpur, Uttara and some other places within Dhaka city serving quality food to the customers. “It is the right time for the housewives to earn with the help of their cooking skill. Along with that, Food Peon is striving hard to help women so that they can contribute not only to the family but also to the financial development of our country’, said Mahdy Hasan, CEO of Food Peon.


If you register yourself for this app, you will see that there are so many kitchens run by housewives. What is not available in those kitchens? Everything that may appeal to your taste buds is available there. All you need to do is to look for your desired food and order it to fulfill your craving. Besides, food items are categorized based on its taste and characteristics. Mahdy Hasan added, “We are offering around 3000 homemade food items under 20 different categories from our company including Bengali, Indian, Pakistani, Chinese, Thai, Italian and South American cuisines.”



Cookups started its operation on July 25, 2016. Primarily, it came to attention through social media platforms and later on developed website to run the business in a grand way. Cookups BD now has a good number of kitchens working throughout Dhaka city. A large segment of the members of Cookups BD are based in Gulshan, Banani and Baridhara areas. However, Cookups conducted a research before they began their journey. Based on the customers’ demand and choices Cookups BD decided their menu. On another note, Cookups offers various types of delicacies to the customer to choose and enjoy. “I want Cookups to reach every corner of the city because good food should be accessible to everyone. Home-made food is something Bangladeshis really want to have and we love to feed people and also to get appreciated”, said Namira Hossain, owner of Cookups.


Home Chef

Home Chef is one of the homemade food delivery service providers co-operating with housewives. In this platform, most of the chefs are women and they are always encouraged to share new recipes and the best ones receive various types of gifts. Besides, women can also sell their foods through this platform. You can order your favourite food from their website. You can also become a chef and share your recipes with everyone and win the competition.


Cookants have earned a lot of name over a short span of time for their excellent service and hard work. They have done justice not only to hundreds of hungry mouths but to women too who had always yearned to do some sort of work but could not get employed for their family or other responsibilities. Chefs, who are mostly housewives, have now found a way to earn dignity and financial independence through cookants.

The story dates back to December, 2017. Cookants is the brainchild of a few young visionaries who themselves felt the need to cause a revolution in the way many young people eat. “My friend Amit first had the idea,” said Emon, one of the founders of Cookants. “There was a house help from Bogura who used to cook for us. However, her cooking was too spicy for our taste. We asked her a few times but it was her habit to cook in this way as she hailed from there. So Amit was thinking it would be great if we could taste the cooking of people from other districts of Bangladesh. Then and there, we felt like we had a great idea for an innovative startup.”

Well, these app-based food delivery services are revolutionizing the scene to a great extent. Women are getting huge opportunities to earn money because of these initiatives. In a sense, these enterprises are changing the lot of housewives who want to make a difference.