Declare Gulshakhali as a new upazila | 2018-12-02

Declare Gulshakhali as a new upazila

2 December, 2018 12:00 AM printer

Declare Gulshakhali as a new upazila

Vashanadom, Bogachotor and Gulshakhali unions are situated on the eastern side of Kaptai Lake under the Langadu upazila of Rangamati. Taking these three unions and the Amtoli union of Bahaichory upazila, we want Gulshakhali as a new upazila. These four unions are separated by lake from the present upazila; people have to go about 8 to 35 kilometers far to get there to avail any government services. The communication system is a bit easier when there is water for five months in a year. It's very difficult to come and go in the remaining seven months. Due to lack of easy communication, this area is deprived of development. There isn't even a good educational institution here. There is no provision for immediate medical care. There is a lot of suffering for the common people to get any service including education, health and administration.


The total area of the four unions is 289.145 square kilometers and the population is 52,829 in total. According to area, it is about six times more than the smallest Bondor upazila of Narayanganj and by population it is twice the size of the smallest Thanchi upazila of Bandarban. Considering the geographical location, area and population it is the demand of time to form Gulshakhali as a new upazila to reach civic facilitates to the doorstep of the people. Regarding the issue, we strongly urge the concerned authorities to take quick steps.

On behalf of the people of Vashanadom, Bogachotor, Gulshakhali and Amtoli


Md Mahmudul Hasan, Gulshakhali, Langadu, Rangamati