Show humanity to street children

2 December, 2018 12:00 AM printer

Show humanity to 
street children

Many people know what humanity is. Actually it means the quality of being kind, thoughtful and sympathetic towards others. But most people don’t show humanity. We live in Bangladesh. We are Bangladeshi. Many foreign countries think that we have much more humanity because we help each other in danger, we are very hospitable minded, etc., but the real fact is that we have no humanity. If we had more humanity we would help those people who have no home and spend their days and nights on the streets under the open sky. In our country, we see in all the market places and besides the roads, many street children sitting and some are selling things to earn money. They work very hard. Some small children are crying to get only two takas. They spend their life very toughly because they have no food, they have no shelter, they don’t even know where they will get food for the next day. On some days they are even starving. They face various problems like malnutrition, water borne diseases and so on. Besides we see whenever they don’t get any food at that time they are forced to eat dustbin food that people throw away. In winter the street children are in so much pain and suffering as they can’t protect themselves from the cold, even a mother can't give any cloth to her baby. We know, there are rich people in our country. They are in good condition, if they want they can give some money and kindness to the street children so that they can live happily, yes they can. So everybody should come forward to help them. You know, we are human beings so we have a moral responsibility to them. The real identity is we are humans; irrespective of  poor and rich the colour of our blood is the same.


Md Biplob Hossain, Bangabandhu Hall, University of Dhaka