A Strategic Guide For Working Parents

Tasnia Farin

29 November, 2018 12:00 AM printer

A Strategic Guide For Working Parents

Cover photo: Monjurul Alam

It is never easy to balance between your career and children. Being too engrossed in professional tasks is not only detrimental to professional success but also troublesome to your survival at home. Among others, it can lead to feelings of guilt and stress because of divided attention between work and children. Here, the key is to focus on finding the right balance between profession and parenthood. For instance - you can use paper calendar or calendar on your smartphone to set reminder for different tasks, although every individual have their own way of taking care of  responsibilities in daily life . In the same way, working parents can meet the constant demands that come in the form of duties and responsibilities for their own kids. Well, this is indeed a very tough task. To help those minds wondering about how to strike that perfect balance, here are some handy tips:


Prioritize your children

Though it is quite challenging for the parents to maintain both career and family at a time, family should always be the first priority. Family is the place where you and your loved ones belong to. To maintain both work and children, calendar can be a useful tool which will include chore charts for the children, school class schedule, other family events, extra activities, birthday dates, food charts and more. Every working parent should use calendars for setting up the reminders for household chores so that they can keep up with everything. Besides, staying organized will definitely help you to maintain balance in every aspect of your life. Moreover, parents can stay in touch with their kids even from their workplace by online communication. A simple effort can have huge impacts. They can take care of them over phone or leave some personalized recording or video at home to make their kids’ each day memorable and enjoyable. They can even call their kids to say that, ‘it’s time to take shower’ or ‘finish your lunch’. These simple activities will make the kids feel that their parents are there to love and care for them. Furthermore, after coming back from work eat dinner together. If somehow you are unable to spend time together due to work pressure, schedule a family night once a week to do activities together as a family.

Indentify with your child’s feelings

Never discourage young minds. Give them enough freedom to talk whatever they want to share. Encourage your children to talk about how and what they feel without parents at home, while they are working for long hours. Sharing emotion can make kids so relieved. Thus it is essential to support kids in such situations. Moreover, it will be judicious if working parents do not bring any office task at home. If it is important to work at home, then make sure it is completed when the kids are sleeping. Remember that it is important to support your children in every situation, no matter whether you are near or away from them.

Try to spend some quality time

To spend quality time with your kids, definitely say ‘no’ to smartphones! Spend most of the time you have with the kids by turning off addictive gadgets. However, instead of worrying about how many minutes you can spend with your children each day, focus on turning those minutes into memorable moments. Create activities regularly that fit into your schedules. Try to fix a date for family outing and during family outing avoid talking about works or others. Just focus on your kids and their interests. Additionally, while sharing feelings with each other try to make them understand what they mean to you. A gentle idea to make them understand is to create an atmosphere of love and explain everyone’s role in the family.

Plan special family activities

Making time for your kids is crucial, both during the week and on the weekends, to nurture your family. If you're running short of time, make some time for small but entertaining activities. For instance- go out for a movie hangout. In the meantime ask your children for their opinion and try to meet their needs. In the end, it doesn't really matter what you do as long as you do it together.

Finding the balance

It is known that a working parent has so many responsibilities as s/he has to manage both workplace and house. Sometimes high responsibilities can decrease self-esteem as well. Whether you are working at home or workplace, you will be always under pressure. If you are stressed, take it easily and accept it as it is your duty to manage career and families.

Well, while balancing between work and family parents should not forget that they need to take care of themselves as well. To live a stress-free life, give yourself some time by reading books, planning hobbies or some others that you like most for yourself. Once you feel refreshed, you will find it easier to be a multi-tasker.