Quick And Easy Ideas To : Brighten Your Home

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26 November, 2018 12:00 AM printer

Quick And Easy Ideas To : Brighten Your Home

In the 21st century, we all want everything very fast. We want fast food. We want to cut weight fast. We want fast facials. We want fast successes. Then why waste so much time in turning your house beautiful?


Here are some ideas you could use in less than one hour to brighten up your home. The beauty of these ideas is in the fact that most of us have a rush lifestyle. We hardly get enough time for ourselves in the weekends. If you do these quick, easy fixes, you will be left with a lot of time to spend for yourself and your family.


Opt for fabrics

Play with a variety of fabrics in pillows, cushions, and draperies. Make sure the fabrics share at least one common colour to hold the look together.


Be loyal to old furniture

Just because a piece of furniture is old and worn doesn't mean that it is useless now. If it's still sound and has nice lines, use paint to transform it into an accent piece you'll be proud to use and display.


Surround yourself with love

Dress a wall with pieces you love. Combine interesting groupings of objects, such as round plates over a square sofa or thin vertical objects for a hallway. Surround a bank of windows or a set of French doors with simple built-in shelving to add storage and style to walls.


Make shelves attractive

Set open shelves with attractive, woven baskets for a natural look or metal bins for a more contemporary feel. Install ready-made storage or shelf units in clothes’ closets.


Decorate with curtains

Raise curtain rods to the ceiling, then add floor-length drapes to visually enlarge a room. Line French doors with simple curtains that can change seasonally.


Get some drama in windows

Replace boring finials with models made of dramatic, sculptural metal or colorful painted glass. Use full-height draperies to treat a small window, creating the illusion of a larger window. Get a thick horizontal stripe of a colour around the perimeter of the room, two-thirds up the wall. Then set off the colour with thin stripes of white paint or chair rails above and below the stripe.


Be artistic

Install picture molding just below ceiling height to extend the look of crown molding and provide a place to hang artworks. Then arrange them in a grouping at eye level. Stencil a favorite quote in a font style that suits your decor.


Be welcoming

Get a beautiful picture or a photograph for the front door. You can even put a quote.