Fake supplements in Bangladesh | 2018-11-25

Fake supplements in Bangladesh

25 November, 2018 12:00 AM printer

Fake supplements in Bangladesh

Nowadays, more and more people are conscious about their fitness in Bangladesh. Especially the youth are more aware about their health. They look for ways to get into shape fast. There are many ways of building muscle and losing fat. If done naturally, it takes a little bit longer. Most people are not ready to take time to get into shape. They want it very quickly and that’s why they go for supplements. In Bangladesh, its very easy to do supplement business. Most of them don’t have trade license or approval. They can easily import supplements and sell it here without any difficulty. Most of them conduct their business online. The concern is, are these safe and the answer is no. Most are selling fake supplements. It may look original but most of them import it from our neighbouring country, India. In India, supplements are being sold in streets too which are obviously fake. They are very cheaply priced. Most of the Bangladeshi importers can easily import these fake supplements and sell it here. Because of the cheap price, bodybuilders choose these over original supplements which are officially sold in Bangladesh. It is very dangerous as fake supplements are injurious to health. It can damage their kidney, heart, as well as other organs. There is lack of supervision and regulations regarding supplement business. That’s why the number of fake supplement providers are increasing day by day. There should be strict regulations to stop this supplement malpractice.


Mohammad Mahmud Hasan, Student, East West University