Change in mindset can expedite Bangladesh’s vision

18 November, 2018 12:00 AM printer

Change in mindset can expedite Bangladesh’s vision

Bangladesh’s vision of becoming a developed country by 2041 not only depends on economic development but also depends on removing wastages of resources, protecting natural resources, preserving nature endowed abundant beauties, keeping environment clean and safe, maintaining discipline, raising voice against irregularities and abiding by laws and rules. People are experiencing ongoing massive development activities all over the country along with wastages of resources, misuses of natural resources, availability of adulterated food in shops and expired vital life saving items like medicines in hospitals, absence of civic sense, tendency of polluting environment, apprehension of safe bus journeys, wastage of valuable working hours due to traffic congestion and transport mismanagement, tendency of taking unlawful or immoral ways of getting success, deterioration of law and order, etc. Above mentioned issues which are detrimental to development are running simultaneously side by side with development activities, creating barriers on the road to implementation of government vision by 2021 and 2041.

Existence of aforesaid manmade challenges, when government is implementing as well as taking mega projects in power, communication, trade and commerce and ICT sectors, may become major hindrances to achieving the government’s vision. So, these manmade challenges must be addressed. People can play the pivotal role in this because government has less opportunity of dispelling the issues.

Consciously or unconsciously, people are misusing cost effective resources like electricity, natural gas, water at households and public and private offices, despite knowing the production costs and scarcity of these valuable resources. On the other hand, people are responsible for keeping country’s beautiful natural tourist spots, rivers and marshlands clean. Moreover, some influential people are using god gifted natural beauties for personal interests and commercial purpose without protecting the nature.

Because of not applying civic sense in running daily activities, our environment becomes dirty and unhygienic, roads and households get inundated by rain water due to filling up of drains, canals, etc., that could otherwise easily carry rain water into the reservoirs of rain water (low lying marshlands).

People from villages enter cities with a view to earning more, leaving potential income generating agricultural profession, as well as life in the village. As a result, cities are getting overcrowded which accounts for the traffic congestions, dirty and unhealthy environments and deteriorated law and order.

Transport management system in the country is very poor, full of indiscipline and anomalies. Moreover, vehicle drivers and passersby don’t have ideas of safe road uses.  As a result, road accidents kill an alarming number of people every day and hours of traffic jams waste peoples’ precious working hours.

Dishonest businessmen are responsible for producing and selling adulterated and contaminated food items, even medicines, despite knowing their harmful effects.

Parents and guardians only intend to see their children succeed in exams, get admitted into renowned educational institutions or get jobs by any means, even indulging in short-cuts and dishonest means like question leakage, undue persuasion by influential persons, etc. As a result competent candidates are deprived, which in turn deprives the country of talented professionals.

People may feel that aforesaid issues are insignificant compared to ongoing massive development activities. But these issues will eventually hamper the momentum of return of government’s huge development investments in the multifarious sectors of country’s economy. So, these irregularities and turbulences must be addressed so that development momentum can go on unhindered.

Remedial therapy for removing these issues that have crippling effect on the growth of the economy can be by creating awareness amongst the people. Definitely it is a great challenge but motivating people to remove these issues can be done only by changing the mindset and attitude of people. Bringing change in the mindset and attitude of people can never happen overnight. To be possible this process needs time and reliable change agents.

Teachers and students may be the change agents taking the challenge of motivating people. Teachers are conscience of the society and students can be trusted messengers to the people. Both teachers and students have close and reliable touch with almost all of the stakeholders, those who need to be motivated. Teachers may disseminate messages to students of all tiers of education with a view to sharing it with their family members and neighbours. As primary and secondary school teachers might be given the responsibility as they are highly respected in the communities and have opportunities to reach huge number of people in the interior pockets of the country. Since charity begins at home, therefore teachers and students may foster the instructions at educational institutes, homes, daily lives, etc, before disseminating among people for getting positive outcome of demonstration effect. On the other hand, regular practices to rear inherent moralities of the students, activities in their daily lives related to the messages can certainly make them future patriotic citizens. Moreover, their touch with members of the family and community will compel them to feel deeply in changing their mindset and attitude towards fostering philosophy of the messages.

Beside government’s efforts, attitude of sixteen crores people need to be changed positively so that they may contribute to make government vision a success by keeping away from committing the above mentioned issues. Change in the mindset and attitude of people may happen with the heartfelt and committed effort of teachers and students as change agents.


Md Bayazid Khan, the writer is working for primary education sector in Bangladesh