Trapped In The Web Of Deception

Md. Joynul Abedin

16 November, 2018 12:00 AM printer

Trapped In The Web Of Deception

Incident 1

Moumita Rahman, a first-year student of BA (honors) of Tejgaon Mohila College, wanted to earn some money by doing private tuitions but she did not know any person who could manage tuitions for her. Thus she decided to follow the advertisements (searching for private tutors) pasted on the walls. One day when she made a phone call to a number, which was provided in one of the advertisements, a man named Shafiqul Islam received that and asked her to meet him at their office located in Farmgate. On that day Moumita went to the office where Shafiqul and two of his companions informed her that they have some conditions. Moumita will have to register her name by paying Tk. 1000, provide some documents including the photocopy of her student ID card and pay half of her earning of the first two months or the full salary of the first month. When Moumita responded positively to their conditions, they introduced her with the guardian of a pupil over phone. After talking with her, the guardian said her to start tutoring his child from the next month. Moumita began going to tuition but unfortunately after a week the guardian asked her not to come any more as he found a better tutor for his child. He even refused to pay her. Moumita was frustrated but more terrible situation was waiting for her as her recruiting agency claimed full salary of her first month’s tuition! She initially tried to make them understand that she got no money from the guardian, but they were unwilling to hear any logic. Being annoyed with their irrational attitude she began avoiding them but the agency men started threatening her! Then she had to make a compromise with them by paying some money as donation!


Incident 2

Sarowar Jahan, a second-year student of Government Titumir College, was looking for a suitable job to bear his personal expenses and assist his family financially. He became hopeful of getting a job after seeing a job advertisement that was glued to the pane of a public bus. According to it, a company was looking for some part-time employees who will need to work for three hours for three days per week. They offered a salary of Tk. 8000 for the job. Jahan found that the job was appropriate for him. As there was no office address in the advertisement, he contacted the concerned person through the mobile number provided in the poster. When he made a phone call, a woman received it and asked him to visit their office at Shyamoli the next day. She did not provide any exact location, rather she requested him to call her again after reaching Shyamoli. On the next day Jahan went to Shyamoli and made the phone call. A few minutes later a person emerged on the scene and took him to a two-room flat. Without any name-plate or signboard only some chairs and tables were there. He was asked to face an interview. A middle-aged man, who was introduced as their general manager, asked him a few questions. Later, he was informed that he is selected but has to pay Tk. 250 as the cost of a form and ID card. When he paid the money and completed other procedures, he was asked to join a five-day-long training session which was scheduled to begin three days later. But, the next day he got a phone call from them and they asked him to pay Tk. 5000 as the expenditure of the training! They also told him that if he is unable to pay the money, he will be considered as disqualified for the job! Then he shared the matter with some of his senior brothers who informed him that this entire system of recruitment is nothing but a trap to deceive people! As a result Jahan somehow managed to save himself from being cheated.


These are some of the glimpses of hundreds of examples of deceiving people in the name of job and tutor recruitment in the capital. If you walk beside a wall or ride on a public bus, you will find many such job circulars. Through these advertisements, a group of unscrupulous people is continuously deceiving innocent people. They publish lucrative false advertisements to recruit receptionists, officers, executives, accountants, managers and other officials in different govt. approved companies, NGOs, garments factories, buying houses, real estate companies etc. on part-time or full-time basis. According to their circulars, employees do not need any previous experience and security money to deposit for the job. They also mention that recruited officials will have to work for 3-6 hours per day for 3-4 days every week and offer salary up to Tk. 15000 for different positions. These voracious people hardly use any official address except a cell-phone number. They even do not explain about the type of works and any requirement to attract more applicants. Many students fall prey to their trap and become victims as they pay money for a job but ultimately do not get it. Some organized groups of gluttonous people have been conducting such shameless trickery in different parts of the capital for many years. They are targeting the students and jobless youths of a few selected areas like Mirpur, Shyamoli, Farmgate, Badda, Mouchak, Shonir Akhra and Jatrabari where the density of people belonging to lower-income group is high.

While one group of rapacious people deceives the victims directly, another group, tuition providers, plays the role of middleman. They help students who want private tuitions to establish contact with the guardians and charge a fixed amount for it from both the tutors and the guardians. But often the third-party introduces the tutors with those guardians who are actually linked to them for years. In such cases some days later, as per their previous plan, the guardian asks the tutor not to come any further and the third-party demands a fixed amount of money according to the agreement that they sign with the tutor. Thus the tutor becomes the ultimate victim. Nowadays, both the groups - the job providers and the tuition providers - use different online platforms beside their traditional advertisements to trap more people.

These dishonest people are continuing their treachery for years in the same way but the members of our law enforcement agencies turn a blind eye to them for some unknown reasons. When contacted, a law enforcer seeking anonymity said to this correspondent that if any one does not file any case or formal complain, they cannot do anything! But the fact is that law enforcement agency members should be pro-active and act accordingly. Due to their inactivity it is the students from poor economic background who ultimately suffer. Certainly the students should be aware of these frauds and their fraudulent activities. Besides, our policymakers need to understand the real reasons of such occurrences. All of these are happening due to huge job crisis. Even the educated youths are not getting job opportunities let alone the students who are seeking part-time or full time job for them. As our country is marching forward economically, it is the right time to create part-time or full-time job opportunities for our students so that no scrupulous person can get the chance to make money by deceiving them.