Employment through e-recruitment

Kamal Hossain & Tamima Hassan Nudrah

4 November, 2018 12:00 AM printer

Employment through e-recruitment

As internet subscribers in the country grows, job finding opportunity for the estimated 4.4 million unemployed youths in Bangladesh through online e-recruitment facilitating systems like local organisation’s online system, their official Facebook pages, company LinkedIn profiles, online job portals such as bdjobs.com, chakri.com, can link job seekers with employers and hopefully employ many of these unemployed potentials of the country.

E-recruiting can be called online recruiting and is becoming quite popular nowadays.  It refers to the use of various electronic devices for the process of attracting, assessing, selecting and recruiting candidates for vacant job positions. According to the worldwide statistics by statista, in the fourth quarter of 2016, the survey on the unemployed within the age group of 16-24 stated that an average of 67% of them had looked for jobs online.  

As evident from the growth of online recruitment option by global and local companies, we can easily fathom the benefits these companies are enjoying such as accessing a large pool of job candidates, hence talents, reduction of costs and time in the recruitment process.

The organisation can attract candidates though their own company website which gives a more control through the in-house approach to recruit best candidates. In addition, an advertisement for the vacancy can also be posted on popular internet job portals which the interested candidates can find and then can apply by submitting their CVs or filling up online forms.

Social media can also play another vital role in this e-recruitment process, especially LinkedIn and Facebook are two global shining examples. Some renowned multinational companies operating in the country are utilising these social media platforms to post advertisement of vacancies which reach the users of these platform and interested candidates can check, analyse, and submit their applications henceforth. The applications can be further examined through online test assessment websites such as onlineexambuilder.com or thinkexam.com and based on the results the company can filter the best candidate who can then, be further instructed for interview.

Online job portals in Bangladesh such as bdjobs.com, chakri.com etc. are third party e-recruitment solutions which are becoming popular platforms for the companies to find best candidates. The job seekers open up their accounts in these portals and the organisations communicate with them through these portals. 

In addition, local business giants such as Pran, Square, Walton and many more also seem to be using e- recruitment process as well. Newly developing companies in the e-commerce sector like Pathao are applying e-recruitment for effective and efficient HR recruitment.

While e-recruitment is a solution for finding suitable jobs for the unemployed in the country, one should be aware of any scams of job postings. Especially LinkedIn and other similar social media job platforms can send unsolicited messages to potential job seekers which can be fraudulent job offers in exchange of some initial monetary deposits over bkash or similar anonymous channels. Hence, a job seeker should investigate whenever there is a suspicious message which can be done by identifying the authenticity of the source of the message; whether it is related to a validated company profile or website, whether any given email address is from the company website domain-related address and not Gmail or similar public email services, whether the company address and contact details are valid, whether there is response from the message source when asked some queries, whether there are other social media presence and posts about the authenticity of the company, whether other known acquaintances and friends  are aware of the company, whether there is any search result on Google and other search engine sites. 

Given the steps to find and ensure authentic job postings, we highly recommend to the 4.4 unemployed to go online on these three platforms of company websites, social media and online job portals to search for their dream jobs and enter the workforce to further progress our nation towards a middle income country category, if possible, even before 2021.

The writers are freelancers.