Style Mistakes You Cannot Afford To Make

Nusrat Jahan Pritom

29 October, 2018 12:00 AM printer

Style Mistakes You Cannot Afford To Make

We all hate to look terribly bad and try our best to not look like a crass. But it’s just so much more than that. It’s something that is every fashionable Bangali’s nightmare. You could wear too less or too much jewelry and look like a complete gig. Your ordinary clothes to a fancy party or fancy clothes to a formal one would surely alienate you and label you that word. So if you are trying to look chic, don’t try too much. But then again, don’t give it all up. It’s a delicate balance between smartness and elegance. Here’s the starter-pack every gig is well familiar to. In other words, these are all the things you must avoid!


Wear Sunglass Indoors

This is something that is sure to make you cringe. The typical gig makes sure he looks cool at all times and by cool we mean hanging that big pair of shades in front of his eyes. Sunglasses are no doubt the coolest thing on the planet and can make your everyday look a very stunning one. However, that doesn’t mean you need to wear them 24/7. Some guys would have them on everywhere- to their friends houses, shopping malls, restaurants and what not. While these guys think they are impressing a bunch of girls with it, honestly, no one is impressed.


Showcase All Their Tawdry Jewelry

Someone needs to tell these girls- less is more. We cannot think of where to look- the dozens of bangles and bracelets on their hands, long chain, anklet, larger than life earrings, rings, nosepin, etc. It’s nobody’s wedding – definitely not yours! So you can relax on the ornaments. In fact, it’s better to possess a few classy jewelries instead of thousands of tacky ones. Make a statement, not a mess!


Don’t Look Like A Cake

We all love cakes- whether they be chocolate cakes or makeup cakes. However, try not to look like one yourself. Life is not that hard and we surely don’t need to make it harder by putting on layers and layers of makeup. Most girls make the biggest mistake of applying too much “white” on their face. A little bit is okay. You could try contouring if you want a soft glow. However, opting for totally snow white look isn’t really great. In fact, if your foundation doesn’t match with your skin colour, the effect will look anything but pleasant.


Don’t Dress According To Occasion

We are always trying to fit in while standing out. However, nobody likes a spoilt sport. Try to be in the team. If it’s a formal party, dress like that. If the atmosphere is friendly and informal, try not to suffocate others with your super formal clothing. If everyone is going simple, abandon the statement necklace, tikli and all that and join their club. Try to be always subtle and elegant.